Grupa Elcamp – dealer

Grupa Elcamp – dealer

Among the vehicles in its class, the Globe-Traveler brand is distinguished primarily by pioneering solutions. This is the first double-floor camping vans! Thanks to it, each vehicle can be used in winter, and the floor along the entire length of the vehicle is even, without the uncomfortable difference in levels between the cab and the living area.

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In the Voyager series, the unique mini-alcove shape allowed to obtain enough space for a fold-out bed above the cab, without affecting the driving dynamics. The sophisticated, although very simple and failure-free design of the bed impresses with its ergonomics and comfort. Replacing the swing door with a rear laminate wall resulted in an extension of the interior by approx. 12 cm, thanks to which the compact Voyagers offer an exceptionally high freedom of movement.

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Our original ideas are widely appreciated not only among vehicle users
Globe-Traveler, but also at the competition. Therefore, all innovations are protected by patents.

The designs of the next Voyager and Explorer models come from the pen of an experienced architect, additionally reviewed by a demanding interior designer. Therefore, they bring a fresh breeze of elegant styling to the market, not yet seen in this class of vehicles. The character of the furniture is dominated by simple lines and color contrasts. The interior climate is clearly associated with a luxurious liner or yacht, which makes our vans similar to full-size motorhomes. The attractive, dynamic form of the exterior of the vehicle is appreciated by users of all ages.

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Interior layouts, unprecedented in the van class, are the hallmarks of the Globe-Traveler brand. Thanks to a new approach to space layout and interior aesthetics, these vehicles break the stereotypical thinking about camping buses as a compromise solution.


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