The Little Mermaid from Copenhagen

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The Little Mermaid from Copenhagen

The slogan "city of the famous mermaid" will probably mean Warsaw, and the half-woman half-fish is also a symbol of Copenhagen. And it will be a story about her, about the city of the Carlsberg brewery, the capital of a country that values the warmth of a home hearth, symbolized by candles, lit during every meal. The capital of a country where the language is spoken by the other Scandinavians as "throat disease".

Copenhagen is located on two islands, Zealand and Amager, on the Øresund Strait. The best time for a trip is from May to September, then you can count on good weather and many cultural events. The city's nightlife is largely live music. In many pubs you can listen to club or disco music.


If someone is considering coming here for the weekend, it's not a very good idea. You definitely need more time for sightseeing, otherwise you will be left with a great deal of insufficiency. There are a lot of monuments and places that you simply must see. We need the Copenhagen Card - thanks to it, you can visit more than 60 museums and tourist attractions for free, as well as unlimited use of buses and trains within and around the city. Museum lovers will surely take the opportunity to see the exhibits of the Guinness Records Museum, the National Museum, and those more frivolous will venture into the Erotica Museum.


When it comes to prices, it's expensive - even according to Danes. It makes more sense to make a meal yourself than to eat it in a restaurant. Many people have picnics on a blanket, eating the classic Copenhagen menu of fresh bread, cheese and Tubort beer. We can see such picnics everywhere, even in cemeteries, for example at the 18th-century Assistens Kirkegard, located in the Norrebro district. While here, it is worth taking a walk among fancifully twisted trees to the grave of the girl's father with matches, Hans Christian Andersen. Later, you can immediately move from the past to the future and go to Andersen Street, to the Dansk Design Center, a design museum. Here, tourists can find an exhibition describing the evolution in design and interesting examples of applied art.

What's worth seeing?

Copenhagen is home to one of three Danish UNESCO heritage sites, the Gothic-Romanesque Rosklide Cathedral, with the tombs of Danish kings. It is outside the city but can be reached in a few minutes by car. And here is a treat for caravanning enthusiasts - right next to it is Roskilde Camping, offering 300 places. Two adults in high season can spend a night here for as little as EUR 25, but not only because it is one of the best places to stay.

It is worth visiting the oldest part of Copenhagen, the port of Nyhavn. The name of the city derives from its name. The street is short, but very charming, and walking along it towards the sea, we come to a delicious baroque building, i.e. Ameliennborg - the seat of the Danish queen. The summer residence, Rosenberg, is also magnificent, and in order to feed your eyes properly, you can climb the Round Tower, from the top of which you can see a panorama of the entire metropolis.

Black Diamond

The next point of the trip is Black Diamond, whose remarkable, modern façade harmoniously blends with the classic part of the library. Inside there is a nice cafe with great tea. Later, you can head towards the sea and the old Kastellet military barracks. The citadel is the only remnant of the former defensive fortifications and at the same time one of the favorite places for walks of the inhabitants of Copenhagen. Nearby, on the banks of the canal, there is a mermaid statue.

Christina Free City

The most famous district of the city is Christiania, called Christiania Free City by Copenhageners. Formally, it is not even a district, just a separate part of Copenhagen with military barracks and a former hippie estate. Its inhabitants enjoy their freedoms without paying taxes - some of this annoys, while others defend Christiania as an oasis of ecology and liberalism. You can only get here on foot or by bike, but do not miss the opportunity to visit this part of the city.

Copenhagen bicycles

Exactly. Copenhagen's bicycles need to be given some attention. They are ubiquitous, self-service rentals give them away for free - all you need to do is put a coin on the deposit and we already have our own means of transport. There are 3.5 thousand people in the city. free bikes in 125 marked places. In total, there are 307 km of routes for cyclists, and the term "Copenhagen paths" has entered the colloquial language for good.

It is also worth saying a few words about amusement parks, including the oldest Bakken park in the world. You can spend time there from noon to midnight absolutely free. On the other hand, in the second park, Tivoli, it is most beautiful in the evening, when concerts, theater performances and fireworks shows begin. Every year, 150 concerts are held here, and the number of visitors reaches 4 million.

So you can see now that Copenhagen deserves a lot more time than just one short weekend. It will be an unforgettable time of magic and contact with nature and the past, and then we will always look at the burning candle differently.

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