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Take your home on vacation - the Alize Connect 560CP trailer – image 1
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Take your home on vacation - the Alize Connect 560CP trailer

Today we will look at a model that is a real home on wheels - it will be an extremely comfortable option for a couple, but also for a family with children. 560CP is a wonder with a total length of 780 cm and a width of 230 cm (inside 215 cm). The total height is 258 cm outside and 195 cm inside. The sheathing entirely made of a laminate of resins perfectly protects against adverse weather conditions, and the XPS polystyrene insulation and the ribbing of the walls made of composite materials translate into durability and strength in all circumstances. When you add attractive design and colors to it, as well as a beautiful rear with a LED lighting beam, we get a package of benefits that is really worthy of attention. Let's take a moment to the chassis - the standard AKS3004 stabilizing hitch takes care of safety, and an optional ATC system can be ordered to prevent the set from snaking. In addition, we have 4 solid supports in the corners, a spare wheel attachment underneath and an electric step (rare in trailers). The floor is 41 mm thick and well insulated (also XPS).

Bürstner Lyseo Gallery TD invites you to the first floor – image 1
Motorhome & Caravan news

Bürstner Lyseo Gallery TD invites you to the first floor

If you thought that the motorhome market was resting on its laurels and that you saw everything, fasten your seat belts. The German Bürstner presents something new for the upcoming season that has not yet been seen in large-series semi-integrated vehicles - a pneumatic sleeper roof and an extremely original interior layout. It will take over many elements from the concept vehicle that the brand presented a year ago. The cars are to roll off the assembly line already this autumn, and the Gallery model will be available in 2 variants measuring less than 7 meters. The "upper floor", as the manufacturer himself defines the superstructure, is unfolded at the push of a button - the inflatable alcove structure is ready in less than 90 seconds. Likewise, when we want to continue our journey - the roof disappears in the blink of an eye.

Pilote Atlas - a unique concept for the 60th anniversary of the brand – image 1
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Pilote Atlas - a unique concept for the 60th anniversary of the brand

The Pilote brand celebrates its 60th birthday. This event is a great opportunity to present a model that is the essence of "off-road mobility" - the Atlas model based on the Ford Trail chassis (as Pilote christened its newest child) is to be a symbol of freedom and unlimited possibilities. When the co-founder of the Pilote brand, after traveling to the USA, started producing motorhomes, he was already completely convinced about the future of this form of recreation. Two years later, the famous alcove grill marked R360 was decorated with the logo of the legendary American brand: FORD.

Co nowego u Rapido w 2023? – image 1
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Co nowego u Rapido w 2023?

Rapido jako marka aspirująca do grona producentów premium od wielu lat zachwyca nowoczesnym designem, zabudowami na najwyższym poziomie i... dopracowaną stylistyką mebli. Ten ostatni aspekt jest „szlifowany” jak diament w każdej kolejnej kolekcji. Minimalistyczny, elegancki i mimo południowoeuropejskiego pochodzenia pojazdów iście „skandynawski” design i nowoczesność robią wrażenie. W zestawieniu kolorystycznym Luceo jasne, matowe fronty z fakturą drewna i kontrastującymi elementami w kolorze czarnym (np. krawędzie stołów, panele za kuchenkami) w połączeniu z przemyślaną grą świateł jasno pokazują, że na jakości się tu nie oszczędza. Oczywiście zamiast kompozycji Luceo klienci (oprócz serii Distinction) mogą bez dopłat wybrać klasyczne i cieszące się niesłabnącym powodzeniem zestawienie Nacarat.

Frankia Neo now also as an integrated up to 3.5 tons! – image 1
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Frankia Neo now also as an integrated up to 3.5 tons!

Manufacturers from the premium segment specializing in really large vehicles for demanding customers for several years are increasingly reaching for more pieces of the caravanning "cake" (read the market), also trying to hit the tastes (and wallets) of fans of motorhomes in the weight category up to 3.5 tons. 3 years ago Frankia presented her first half-integrated design, which was to fight bravely in this weight class - Neo (because it was the name that was given to this model series) turned out to be a bull's eye.

The oldest camper in the world goes under the hammer – image 1
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The oldest camper in the world goes under the hammer

On September 10, the Bonham auction house will exhibit the oldest known motorhome in the world. The base car for this wonder is the Ford Model T - the specimen has been widened and reinforced by Baico, and Dunton of Reading (known for the production of high-quality caravans) is responsible for the body and interior. The vehicle was commissioned by the Bentall family - founders and owners of the British chain of department stores of the same name. It is believed that the vehicle was sold in the 1920s, and then the fate of it is lost. It was eventually found in Shepperton and restored in the 1970s by Leo Smith with the help of his friend Robin Tanner - an extremely talented carpenter.

Hymer presents the exclusive Venture S off-road vehicle. – image 1
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Hymer presents the exclusive Venture S off-road vehicle.

When the Hymer Vision Venture concept car was unveiled at the Caravan Salon 2019, the traditional motorhome manufacturer from Bad Waldsee boldly responded to current and future industry trends and revealed what motorhomes could look like in 2025. This vision is now becoming a reality as Hymer celebrates the launch of the new Venture S.

AL-KO HY4 hydraulic supports - the perfect system – image 1
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AL-KO HY4 hydraulic supports - the perfect system

Among the motorhome accessories, one of the most spectacular (both in terms of cost and functionality) are hydraulic supports. Many premium class manufacturers have been offering them in the accessories / optional equipment catalog for years. One thing is certain - whoever tries to travel with supports will definitely not want to part with them. The genesis of the problem is known and includes several aspects. Even seemingly even parking spaces often require correction - then we go back and forth, we reach for the alignment wedges. The end result is perhaps satisfactory in terms of the "level", but still moving around the vehicle we can feel every deflection of the suspension. What if ... stand steadily, without "rocking", be able to tilt the vehicle to empty the gray water tank, and even weigh the vehicle without driving on the truck scale? Such "miracles" are made possible by the modern supports of the German brand Sawiko / AL-KO, which we would like to introduce to you in this article.

Eura Mobil - premium class campervans – image 1
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Eura Mobil - premium class campervans

The market of motorhomes based on the so-called in recent years, it has developed phenomenally. Even brands that have not been operating in this segment so far have already taken steps to show themselves. The landscape of manufacturers offering this type of development is wide - from budget models to premium models, everyone will find something for themselves here. The German brand Eura Mobil, belonging to the Trigano concern, is definitely associated with "top" designs and, apart from perfect semi-integrated and integrated motorhomes, has recently been trying to enter the more compact segment. Although the brand briefly introduced a Fiat-based campervan in 2009, the concern, due to little interest at the time, decided that another company belonging to it should remain a specialist in this segment - namely Karmann-Mobil (https: // motorhomes. After several years, the offer of the manufacturer from Sprendlingen returns to 3 system proposals - all based on the new Ducato.

Half-integrated games on babies - new ideas for building T6.1 – image 1
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Half-integrated games on babies - new ideas for building T6.1

Volkswagen in the successive covers of its small vans over the years has been the basis for many manufacturers who have tried in the best way to create the perfect fusion between its compactness and comfort / usability of the body. In a way, traveling in the little buskampers will always be a great deal of a compromise. Several manufacturers went a step further, significantly increasing the residential shell attached to the base car from the VW stable, but so far there were rather niche designs / produced in small series. In 2023, the Knaus-Tabbert concern decided to once again lean over the concept of a compact motorhome on the popular Volkswagen, presenting several variants at once, including a very futuristic proposal, which will be discussed in a moment.

Luxury in French - Sterckeman Evolution 580 PE KID'S – image 1
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Luxury in French - Sterckeman Evolution 580 PE KID'S

In the latest installment of the title trailer, the Sterckeman brand belonging to the Trigano group proves that a caravan designed for a family can be a luxurious, all-year-round vehicle without compromise. The total length is 755 cm (the length of the building itself is 640 cm), and the empty weight is 1352 kg (with a GVM of 1600 kg, and optionally up to 1800 kg). The model is designed for up to 6 people. The Evolution series is by no means new, but for the 2023 model year both the equipment and the list of add-ons offered in 3 packages will be modified.

France elegance - 60 years of the Pilote brand – image 1
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France elegance - 60 years of the Pilote brand

I can't believe how fast time flies. When writing about modern vehicles participating in the current equipment and design "arms race", I often forget the long history and heritage of some manufacturers. Pilote is another important precursor that has had a significant impact on the development of the entire industry. Looking at the illustrations of the first caravan and motorhome constructions, it is hard to resist the impression that they were cars with a soul, and the emerging fashion for caravanning must have been a magical period. At the beginning, caravans were the core of production - until 1983. In the meantime, in 1978, the production of motorhomes was started, which to this day are the main subject of activity. In 1990, Pilote takes over Frankia, another precursor and brand that invented the concept of a double floor in recreational vehicles. In the following years, acquisitions of other brands increase the potential of the entire group and allow it to go out into the open, while confidently developing many segments of the caravanning market. Currently, the number of distributors reaches 300 points worldwide, and (interestingly) the group is still 100%