Exclusive camper based on the Mercedes Vario

Mercedesa Vario, Vannado

Dreams of freedom, travel and a comfortable life on wheels gain a new dimension thanks to the Polish company Vannado, whose headquarters are located in Zakręt near Warsaw. It is here, in the heart of Poland, that Vannado designers have accepted the challenge, creating a motorhome based on the Mercedes Vario, which not only meets the expectations of travelers, but also defines a new standard in this vehicle category.

Vannado fills a gap in the European caravanning market

interior of Mercedes Vario, Vannado

The passion for traveling and the desire to create practical, comfortable and aesthetic mobile spaces were the main motivations for creating this unusual, custom motorhome. Vannado saw gaps in the European market for 7,500 kg vehicles that did not offer personalized and functional options. It was decided to use experience, engineering skills and knowledge of interior design to create a motorhome tailored to the individual needs of the owner.

Individual motorhome conversion - design and engineering at the highest level

The interior of the Mercedes Vario built by Vannado

The design and construction of this motorhome was entrusted to experienced engineers from the Vannado custom team. Their joint work and commitment allowed to create a sophisticated vehicle in which every detail, from the layout of the sleeping and cooking space, to the electrical system and hydraulics, has been carefully thought out and refined to ensure maximum comfort for passengers. Their involvement in the project also included testing and optimizing various solutions to ensure that the motorhome lived up to the expectations of travelers. It is this meticulous work and passion for perfection that has resulted in a vehicle that not only meets expectations, but also exceeds them, providing an unforgettable driving experience.

Vannado sets new standards in the construction of motorhomes

The interior of a camper built by Vannado on a Mercedes Vario

The modifications that have been made to the base Mercedes Vario are impressive. The interior of the motorhome offers five places to ride and an additional fold-out bench by the table, which provides a comfortable space for up to 8 people. The horizontal roof tent serves as a sleeping space, and the additional terrace and roof rack extend the functionality of the vehicle. Access to the roof is provided by a ladder mounted on the side of the car, which is connected to the airline system for mounting surfboards. The Victron electric system with the Cerbo GX Touch control panel and the extensive lighting system ensure comfort of use. Additional equipment includes air conditioning, a 100-litre fridge, a 450 cm long awning and a Dometic oven.

Interior of a motorhome based on a Mercedes Vario built by the Polish company Vannado

Thoughtful details, maximum travel comfort

However, that's not all. The motorhome is equipped with stainless steel water tanks with a capacity of 165 liters each. Additional sleeping space was obtained by using the second row of seats and a folding table. All these modifications are designed to provide exceptional comfort and functionality when traveling in a motorhome.

Mercedes Vario bodied by the Polish company Vannado

The choice of Mercedes Vario as the base for the construction of the motorhome was accurate, due to its solid construction and GVW of 7500 kg, which allowed for the creation of a spacious body for 5 people. Thanks to this, the designers could freely plan the layout of the interior and place the necessary amenities.

The roof of a motorhome built on a Mercedes Vario, Vannado

During the design and construction process, many challenges were encountered, such as adapting the installation to the vehicle's specifications or achieving the optimal balance between functionality and aesthetics. However, each of these challenges has become an opportunity to learn and improve skills.

Mercedes Vario pd Vannado camper
Mercedes Vario camper from Vannado


Mercedesa Vario, Vannado
Mercedesa Vario, Vannado
Mercedesa Vario, Vannado
Mercedesa Vario, Vannado

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