Campsites for People with Disabilities

The base of campings and campsites for people with disabilities is systematically growing every year. The centers adapt their infrastructure to their needs, introducing important amenities. There is absolutely no reason why disabled people should give up exploring the world. Choosing the right campground for their vacation can make their stay much easier and more enjoyable, so that they can fully enjoy all that tourism and exploring other beautiful places gives us.

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Camping adapted to the needs of people with disabilities

How do the centers adapt their infrastructure to the needs of people with disabilities? An important part of such activities is hardening all paths within the facility, as well as creating driveways to restaurants, bars, shops, toilets and any other buildings. To make it easier for people with mobility impairments to move around the campsite, the door width must also be adjusted, and handrails and low handrails should be installed in the toilets, baths and saunas.

Some disabled campsites also have special pitches where you can park your caravan or motorhome. Such stands are located in the center of the center, near toilets, restaurants or shops.

Campings and campsites adapted to the needs of people with disabilities are a standard in Scandinavian countries and in Western Europe. However, in Poland more and more campings are changing their infrastructure in order to be able to accommodate guests with physical disabilities. To facilitate and speed up the search, we have created a separate category of campings and campsites in the CampRest database - for people with disabilities.