A treehouse, Indian teepee or a Mongolian yurt, a house on the water, a futuristic tent with a transparent roof, where you can fall asleep with the view of stars under your eyelids... This is glamping - luxurious camping in an extraordinary edition. This form of accommodation is gaining more and more popularity. If you are looking for a campsite as close to nature as possible, comfortable, modern and with a touch of luxury, you will love glamping!

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Glamping Poland - luxurious accommodation in a unique place

The term "glamping" was created by combining two words: "glamor" and "camping". Means camping in a luxurious place: close to nature (by the sea, lake, in the mountains, in the middle of the forest), in comfortable conditions and with "hotel" amenities. This form of tourism is eagerly used by families with children, as well as couples and groups of friends.

Glamping in Poland is developing very dynamically. "Glamor campsites" appear at the seaside, in Kashubia, Masuria, the Tatra Mountains and the Bieszczady Mountains. They take various forms - accommodation can be booked, for example, in a yurt, a spherical tent, a Lappish village or a wooden house located on the water. Glampings are created in quiet places, away from other resorts, which is why they will certainly appeal to people who are looking primarily for peace and closeness to nature on vacation.

Glamping by the sea or a lake or glamping in the mountains are also places offering a lot of various attractions: saunas, SPA treatments, horse riding, or the possibility of renting sports and water equipment.

Glamping - Croatia, Slovenia and Italy also have a lot to offer!

Although glamping has recently been discussed as a trend in tourism, it is not a new phenomenon. After all, even monarchs stayed in tents, whose furnishings resembled palace chambers. Glamping is also dynamically developing in other European countries: Spain, France, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy. In every corner of our continent you can find extraordinary, luxurious camping - comfortable, tastefully furnished, but also respectful of nature.