Transit Camping

Caravanning is full freedom to move from place to place during the holidays - wherever our imagination takes us. You can go almost anywhere with a motorhome or caravan, so spending your entire vacation in one location seems like a waste of opportunities. This is why so many tourists choose stopover campings and campsites, located close to motorways and on routes leading to other parts of the region.

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Stopover campsites - because the road can also be an adventure!

When you go on vacation with your family or friends in a motorhome or caravan, the adventure begins the moment you turn the key in the ignition. The road is an integral part of such holidays. Thanks to the possibility of a comfortable rest anywhere, it becomes more pleasant and less tiring than traveling by car. In order to be able to get the most out of the possibilities offered by caravanning, it is worth planning your vacation in such a way that you can visit many different places. Overnight at stopover campsites can make it much easier!

The stopover campings and campsites are located in quiet and charming places, but at the same time located close to expressways, which allow you to conveniently get to other parts of the region. In such centers, tourists usually stay for a maximum of a few days - they explore the area and then move on. The transit campsites are usually located on routes that lead to attractive tourist destinations, which makes it easier to plan your trip.