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Renting an RV is a great idea for an unforgettable, eventful holiday - both in a duo, as well as with children or a group of friends. Just think: every day you discover different places, fall asleep with a view of the stars and experience traveling as intensely as possible. Try it and you will never go back to hotel all inclusive!

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Renting an RV for holidays – a new quality of traveling

Renting an RV is an increasingly popular form of spending holidays, both in Poland and Europe, the USA and Australia. Caravanning gives you freedom – it allows you to explore the most beautiful corners of the world without having to book accommodation in hotels and guesthouses or look for roadside restaurants where you can eat tasty food. Thanks to this, you gain extraordinary flexibility in planning your route. Every day you can discover completely new places, and if you really like one of them – stay for longer. No other form of travel gives you such freedom.

At the same time, renting a motorhome does not mean giving up comfort. Such vehicles are equipped with everything needed to spend time comfortably: comfortable beds, a well-equipped kitchen, a bathroom with a toilet and shower, and a relaxation area. Traveling in a motorhome is like traveling with your own house on wheels. Especially that you can pack much more into it than into a suitcase – not only all the necessary equipment, but also everything "just in case" (parents will understand!). You also gain the opportunity to take bicycles, SUPs or other sports equipment with you, so that you can spend your time on vacation in the way you like the most.

Renting an RV is also a form of vacation in close contact with nature. Constant proximity to nature or the possibility of discreetly watching wild animals in their natural habitat create unforgettable experiences that remain in your memory for a long time. Camping right next to the forest, waking up to the sound of sea waves or dinner on a cliff with a breathtaking view – doesn't it sound great?

Caravanning opens up perspectives for a completely different way of spending holidays: without rushing, at your own pace and away from the crowds. Many campers emphasize that renting a motorhome allows them to fully experience the journey – discover new roads and new places, make the most of their free time and really relax. Therefore, if you are thinking about renting a motorhome, do not hesitate – you and your family or friends will love this way of traveling.

RV rental – what kind of motorhome to choose?

Before you start your tour of the local RV rentals, think about how you and your family are going to spend this holiday. The most important are two issues: how many people are you going to visit and how intensive are you planning.

RV rentals offer various types of vehicles, differing both in technical parameters, such as engine power or type of gearbox, and in the type of housing of the residential area. The first criterion in choosing the right model should be the number of travelers. A frequently chosen 2-person RV for rent is a van motorhome – created as a result of the conversion of a van. Such a vehicle offers basic equipment and enough space for two people (or a couple with a small child), but it has great driving characteristics – you can get to places inaccessible to larger, more luxurious models. Renting a camper van is also the lowest cost.

A 4-person RV for rent should be definitely bigger. For example, a semi-integrated model (in which the driver's cab is partially integrated with the living area) or integral (where the driver's cab and living area form a single body – these are the most luxurious motorhomes for rent) will work here.

A larger family or a group of friends can be comfortably accommodated by a model with an alcove-type structure. You will recognize it by the characteristic superstructure above the driver's cab – there is a sleeping space. When choosing a vehicle for a larger group of people, for example an 8-passenger RV for rent, be sure to pay attention to the number of sleeping places and the number of places to travel – equipped with seat belts. Sometimes it happens that more people can sleep in a motorhome than travel.

RVs, of course, also differ in terms of the interior layout and available amenities. It is therefore worth considering which functions are necessary and which can be omitted – for example, whether a functional kitchen or a spacious relaxation area is more needed. And if you plan to travel in mountainous areas, look around for a 4x4 campervan that can handle the rougher, steeper roads.

Renting an RV – price

Renting an RV – how much does it actually cost? Because caravanning is an increasingly popular form of spending holidays, the number of car rental companies is constantly increasing – so prices can be really different. In addition, the price list will vary depending on the model and season. In the low season, renting a motorhome is definitely cheaper.

Average prices for renting an RV in Poland range from approx. PLN 300 to PLN 700 gross per day. In addition, rental companies charge a deposit and sometimes the so-called service fee. However, you can save money on a longer rental of more than 14 or 21 days or on an earlier reservation – in both cases RV rentals offer attractive discounts.

Renting an RV – what else to remember?

What are the rules for renting an RV? The driver of the vehicle must have a category B driving license and usually have completed a certain age – usually 25 years (this is related to the requirements of insurers). All formal issues are regulated by the lease agreement. Please read it carefully to be aware of all terms. When deciding to rent an RV, it is also worth asking the rental company about the scope of insurance and the procedure in the event of a breakdown or accident.

The best RV rentals only at CampRest

Thinking about renting an RV? Use our CampRest search engine RVs for rent and choose a rental company that will offer a model ideally suited to the needs of your family or a group of friends. At CampRest you will find both luxury motorhomes for rent and cheaper motorhome vans. So how? Where in Europe will you go this summer?

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