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Do you dream of a journey without limits, full of freedom? The solution suggests itself: RV! Camping vehicles give you the freedom to travel – you can change the direction of your trip at any time, because you always have everything you need with you.

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RV – a completely new quality of traveling

Travelling by RV or caravan is an increasingly popular form of spending holidays, both in Poland and Europe, the USA and Australia. It gives you unlimited freedom – it allows you to visit the most beautiful corners at your own pace and your own (untrodden!) paths. When you go on a motorhome holiday with your family or friends, you don't have to worry about tickets, delayed or canceled flights and the standard of the hotel – because your hotel becomes your means of transport. Thanks to this, you can change your place of stay from day to day to know, discover and taste more. If you want to get maximum impressions from your holiday and make the best possible use of your holiday time, this is the form of travel for you.

RVs simply gives you freedom. It is your own accommodation and catering base. So you don't have to worry about looking for accommodation – or swallow bitter disappointment when its standard turns out to be completely different than the one shown in the pictures. Your bedroom and bathroom are always close by. So is the kitchen – so you don't have to adjust to the opening hours of the hotel restaurant or look for roadside gastronomy in a hurry.

The motorhome also means unlimited freedom in planning the route. Sure, on the map of the trip it is worth including camping sites or other places that offer access to the so-called camper service (where you can refill water and get rid of waste). Still, the motorhome remains the way to travel that gives you the most freedom. It guarantees freedom, which is not provided by any other form of leave. You are your own guide – you can literally go wherever your eyes take you.

Motorhomes also have an advantage that is particularly important for families with children – much more capacity than a suitcase. You can pack everything you need in a motorhome or caravan... and also what ""may be useful"". Of course, the limit here is the payload of the vehicle, but it's still quite a lot of possibilities.

RV and caravan – comfort and independence

Motorhomes give you not only independence and freedom in travelling, but also comfort. RV is a real mobile home on wheels. Modern models are equipped with everything that can be useful during the journey. They have a bathroom and a well-equipped kitchen, comfortable beds in various configurations, so that the whole family can rest comfortably, as well as a whole lot of various practical solutions that make camping easier. Traveling with a motorhome, you can take a break at any time and stretch your legs on a comfortable bed. After such rest, further driving will be much more pleasant.

The comfort of camping is of course also provided by a caravan. Modern models are equipped not only with a kitchen and comfortable bedrooms, but also a bathroom, so a camping holiday can be as comfortable as in a hotel. You can also add a special vestibule to the caravan – a large and high tent creating additional space that will be perfect as a dining room in case of bad weather.

RV and caravan – how to choose the right one?

Motorhomes are distinguished by a huge variety, so before buying or renting the right one, it is worth considering a few important issues. The first criterion is of course number of travelers. In the case of a motorhome, not only places to sleep are important, but also seats equipped with seat belts. Sometimes it happens that, for example, six people can sleep in a motorhome, but only four people can travel – then two people should travel in a separate car.

And what driving license entitles you to drive a motorhome? For vehicles with a maximum permissible weight (GVW) of 3.5 tons, a category B driving license is sufficient. Such motorhomes are the most common models, especially in Poland. However, vehicles with a GVM exceeding 3.5 tons are often available abroad – it is worth paying attention to this, because you will need a category C1 driving license to drive such a model. Category B licenses also allow you to tow a so-called light caravan with a GVW of not more than 750 kg, and a set of vehicles with a GVW of not more than 3500 kg.

Another issue to consider when choosing a motorhome is its type. There are three types: alcove, semi-integrated and integrated and the so-called camper vans – motorhomes created on the basis of a van. The most common on Polish and foreign roads are motorhomes with alcove buildings – you will recognize them by the characteristic superstructure above the driver's cabin, which creates additional sleeping space. The semi-integra is a model in which the cabin is partially integrated with the living area, while the integra is a fully integrated motorhome – the cab and the buildings are a single block. Such vehicles are the largest and most luxurious types of motorhomes.

Both in the case of a motorhome and a caravan, it is also important how you feel inside the chosen vehicle. Can you move freely in it? Do you like the arrangement of the furniture? Will the wardrobes and lockers fit all your belongings? While viewing the model, imagine that you are cooking dinner for the whole family, bathing children or keeping them entertained on a rainy day.

Motorhomes for sale and rental

Looking for a RV or caravan? Use our CampRest motorhome search engine – it will help you find motorhomes for rent and for sale from authorized dealers. Caravanning is not only a great way to travel off the beaten track and without limits, but also a "lifestyle" that provides unforgettable experiences. Holidays in a motorhome or caravan are remembered for a lifetime!

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