​​Camping Austria

For many tourists, Austria is just a short stop on the way to southern Europe. Meanwhile, it is a country with a lot to offer: breathtaking alpine landscapes, fairy-tale towns, fascinating art and culture, thousands of kilometers of ski slopes and hikingh trails. Find the best campsites in Austria and discover its best spots on your own terms - both summer and winter.

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Year-round camping? Austria is a good direction

Austria is a country well known to winter sports enthusiasts. Skiers and snowboarders are attracted here by perfectly prepared slopes, modern infrastructure and the unique Gemütlichkeit - the unique atmosphere of hospitality, friendliness and warmth that prevails in huts and guesthouses. Austria's attractiveness as a holiday destination does not end with the closure of the slopes, however. You can spend a wonderful holiday here at any time of the year. All-year-round campsites in Austria offer comfortable accommodation both for holidays and winter breaks or a picnic.

Camping in Austria by a lake

In Austria, you can come across a sight like the most beautiful guide at every step. The showcase of Austria, and especially of regions such as Carinthia, Tyrol and Styria, are the lakes - closed between the slopes of the mountains, crystal clear and shimmering in the sun with various shades of turquoise. A holiday in such a place is a travel dream come true for many tourists. No wonder that camping in Zell am See or on Lake Attersee attract so many holidaymakers every year!

Carinthia - camping on the sunny side of the Alps

Carinthia is Austria's most southern region, famous for its warm climate, stunning mountain landscapes and perfectly clean lakes. It borders with Slovenia and Italy, so it can become a nice stop on the way south, especially for tourists spending their vacation in a motorhome. The accommodation base is large and varied - campsites in Carinthia offer comfortable conditions for both couples and families with children as well as larger groups of friends.

Camping Austria - The Alps at your fingertips

Austria is a hiking paradise. Although the Alps are intimidating at first glance with their power, they are more affordable than you might think. The trails and bicycle paths stretch for hundreds of kilometers, and the modern infrastructure "enchants" many peaks, making even high altitudes easily accessible to the average tourist. Campsites in Austria can become a great base for trips to the mountains.

Austria - fabulous, hospitable and not so obvious

Austria impresses with its views - the landscapes with soaring peaks of the Alps, glacial lakes and towns tucked into the valleys are so beautiful that they are unreal. But Austria is also a delightful culture, castles and palaces, historic towns with medieval or baroque buildings and delicious cuisine. Everyone will find something that will change their view of the perfect vacation. Discover the best camping in Austria and plan your dream vacation. Then move on - maybe going camping in Croatia or camping in Italy?

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