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Where to eat on Lake Garda and Lake Ledro in Garda Trentino – image 1
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Where to eat on Lake Garda and Lake Ledro in Garda Trentino

When traveling in Italy, we have the impression that you can really eat well everywhere there. Each region is dominated by different ingredients, and the form of preparing dishes may also be different. But in the end, whether you eat in a roadside bar or in a 4-star hotel, it's delicious everywhere. Today we will offer you the places we visited in June 2022. Each place has a completely different atmosphere and gives a different story, but each one is worth visiting at least once.

Camping Estanyet i okolica / Spain. – image 1
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Camping Estanyet i okolica / Spain.

Camping & Bungalows Estanyet is located on the Mediterranean Sea in the south of Catalonia (Spain) next to the town of Les Cases d'Alcanar, it is one of the most charming places on the coast of "La Costa del Ebre", it is an authentic sailing village with a fishing port characterized by a maritime climate suitable for a unique charm in Terres de l'Ebro. It is worth visiting one of the many restaurants with sea gastronomy, which is inherited from generation to generation. Les Cases de Alcanar , is the small gastronomic capital of "La Costa del Ebre" with a wide range of restaurants, characterized by the quality of fish and seafood, which kitchen professionals try to present at the table through the best recipes. There are many good blue flag (Blue Flag / Bandera azul) beaches in the area.

100% Adventure this time in Iceland! – image 1
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100% Adventure this time in Iceland!

After last year's trip "Norwegian Expedition", our appetites for Scandinavian climates increased even more, so we took up a new challenge - we visited the otherworldly land of Iceland. Harsh climate, more difficult conditions, even higher prices than in Norway, but we have never experienced such magical places before. Breathtaking waterfalls, awe-inspiring glaciers, huge space despite a small island - this is just the beginning of this counting :) Called by many, not without reason, the land of ice and fire has a lot to offer.

Lviv for the weekend – image 1
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Lviv for the weekend

Bored with the travel downtime and "everyday" life, eagerly waiting for the time of our new adventures, we decided to go somewhere for the weekend. After an intense brainstorming, the words close, cheap, climatic and our finger reached Lviv on the map , so there was no turning back;)

Eye to eye with a moose or picnic in the Kampinos Forest – image 1
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Eye to eye with a moose or picnic in the Kampinos Forest

We always have a small problem with a picnic - if we want to make the most of these five days for relaxation, not for riding, then we exclude long and strenuous trips. On the other hand, our immediate vicinity is already so touring that it is difficult to find anything surprising here. This time we decided to look a bit further and head towards Warsaw. We admit without hitting that we have so far avoided the capital during our camping trips. We associated it with crowds, traffic jams and gigantic prices for camping. We completely forgot about the fact that we have one of the most famous Polish primeval forests just outside Warsaw - the Kampinos Forest. Time to catch up!.

The first serious driving of the "Mater" - 2010. – image 1
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The first serious driving of the "Mater" - 2010.

You are casually browsing the web and suddenly you come across an interesting page. How many times has this happened to you? More than once, I bet! The same thing happened to me in early 2010. But let's start one by one. It's January 2010. I sit in front of the computer and stare at the screen like the proverbial hen. A few weeks earlier I bought my fifth Fiat 125p and I think I was looking for some parts. Here you are! Somehow I found the website of Złombol and the information that in 2010 they were going to Asia; exactly to Istanbul. I think to myself, but it would be balls if we went there with the Boys. The idea grew a bit and sniff! Bolima, Spajki and I, known as the Chechen, had a team assembled. Since the crew was there, the next step was to start preparing the car. Fiacik drove down to the garage. The works mad him took a while - I prepared it myself, so I took my time and did everything thoroughly. In the case of a Big Fiat it always pays off. The end of August was approaching, i.e. the start of Złombol! Emotions and tension grew. This day is finally! I am leaving Toruń for Warsaw. As planned, on Saturday we met on Jagiellońska Street, in the garages of the FSOAUTOKLUB Association, and started preparations. Recent fixes, mounting a rack on the roof, oil change and valve adjustment. Finally, PACKING.

At the top of the fjord - memories of a trip to Scandinavia – image 1
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At the top of the fjord - memories of a trip to Scandinavia

Our most awaited and most demanding, for some almost "journey of a lifetime" began on July 1st. Ready for adventure, we started packing, 30 days, 7 people in one Volkswagen T3 - it was not an easy challenge . Our main luggage was "YELLOW" food, as Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, we wanted to take as much of it as possible. After 2 days of travel, we arrived in Denmark, the town of Hirtshals, from where we had a ferry that docked in Kristiansand, but it turned out that the next one was only 6 hours away! Our time, however, did not last long, we spent it in a very charming place, on a sandy beach, listening to the sound of the sea.

The old "Gruchot" to the northern end of Europe. – image 1
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The old "Gruchot" to the northern end of Europe.

Have you ever wondered whether it is worth taking your Beloved Person, your best in the world, beloved Psina and go with your "beloved Gruchot" to the proverbial end of the world? I bet you sure are! The answer to this question is very simple. Another question - how to do it? The answer is also simple - get down to business. Which destination to choose? Again, easy to answer - favorite!. This was the case in our case. We made the decision to go to Nordkapp in January 2013. Date of departure - August. Quick calculation - how much time do we have to prepare the car, how many things have to be done to drive complete. You have to act.

Short Sweden 2016 - Kalmar, Öland – image 1
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Short Sweden 2016 - Kalmar, Öland

It's hard to sit still. Especially if it turns out that tickets that were too expensive so far become available as a result of good promotion. And so we bought tickets for the ferry from Gdynia to Karskrona, for four people, with dinners and one double cabin for less than PLN 1,200. The normal price was around PLN 2,400. The journey takes approximately 10 hours one way. On the ferry you can get pretty decently stocked in the duty-free shop, but more on that later. We left Karlskrona in the direction of Kalmar by the side road number 130. This is how the navigation (tomtom) led us. A quiet road through the woods. We got there in the evening time to go sightseeing the next day.

Bory Tucholskie 2014, Piła Młyn and the hostel of PTTK Nogawica – image 1
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Bory Tucholskie 2014, Piła Młyn and the hostel of PTTK Nogawica

In August 2014, we went with our Polish tent - Polsport GK-110 to Bory Tucholskie. We left Toruń on the road number 91 towards Gdańsk, and in Świecie take the road number 240 towards Tuchola. We passed Bysław and in the village of Szumiąca, at the EWA Inn (a few words about it later), we turned left and immediately, the first right, into the forest. This particular road has a traffic ban, but I used to ride that way all my childhood, so ... you understand. This road will take you straight to the town of Zamrzenica, and winding a few kilometers further - to Piła Młyn.

Festival of Taste in Gruczno 2016 – image 1
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Festival of Taste in Gruczno 2016

Everyone likes to eat treats, right? Especially if they are prepared using traditional methods from high-quality products and are available at an attractive price. If you go to the Festival of Flavors in Gruczno pod Świecie in August, you will be able to try these delicacies as much as you want. The Festival of Tastes in Gruczno is a cyclical event, I do not know which edition it was this year. Certainly, at least the fourth, because I've been there so many times. The festival takes place in a charming place, near the old mill in Gruczno.

Hungary 2016 – image 1
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Hungary 2016

At the beginning of August 2016 it was time for the final packing and on the fifth day of this month we set off on our first long journey with a caravan. Good-natured Niewiadówka has undergone quick and renovation (replacement of power, towing handle, electrics); the tug with the rest, too, and you could swish. We left Toruń around 6 pm, choosing free routes through the Czech Republic and Slovakia, crossing the border in Cieszyn. We figured out a bit the route through Slovakia and landed on road number 14 near Banska Bystrzyca, which, to put it mildly, is not the most pleasant way to drive. It is not about ascents , ascents and descents, but about ordinary holes and the slab structure of the road. Honestly, Fiacik had unpleasant rocking and vibrations, which made the ride arduous. Plus rain and fog. Fantastic combination.