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Łeba Camping Ambre – image 1
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Łeba Camping Ambre

As for the Ambre campsite it's not a very good campsite, yes, reception and entrance gate nice + reasonably clean showers that would be the end of the day. In my opinion, a tight campsite is only suitable for tents, because driving with a caravan or motorhome around this campsite is a threat. On the plots, tents mixed with caravans and motorhomes set up have not yet encountered such a setting. Considering the price and the quality it is too expensive. Sanitary facilities are only 2 and practically at the beginning of the campsite, while the back of the campsite must smoke a good piece because there is no toilet at the end.

The first car park to Świnoujście – image 1
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The first car park to Świnoujście

Camping Relax Świnoujście is a great place close to the beach and promenade, but the campsite itself has stopped in time, and among others, there are lots and buildings with toilets, showers or sinks, but somehow it goes through. The service is great, the atmosphere is perfect. If someone likes to ride a bike, there are also many bicycle paths, you can, for example, go to Germany. The beach is large, so no one lacks space.

CAMP9 which is the smallest and best camping in the world – image 1
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CAMP9 which is the smallest and best camping in the world

In mid-May we went to Tarnowskie Góry, it was our next trip to Camp9. We have forgotten how beautiful this place is - there is a small lake between the rape fields, with trees growing next to it, here the owners of this charming place offer a house with a kitchen, a living room, terraces, and toilets. This is the place where you can completely relax. Full idyll. It is not easy to tarry there, a narrow path leads to the campground, and the neighbors do not even know that they have such a fantastic place next to it. We managed to barbecue and in the morning do yoga with the owner. Lots of attractions around:.

Molo VW Osieku campsite – image 1
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Molo VW Osieku campsite

In such heat it is worth going to Krakow on the Molo camping in Osiek! There is plenty to do there - a swimming pool, a lake with a pier, a fishing area, bicycle routes, wooden churches, and the campsite itself has all the amenities!. A short weekend trip to the Pier was a hit. For two days we felt like we were in warm countries. The campsite itself has 50 places and it is worth calling with a reservation request. There are often events there and the number of places is limited. We were on a quiet weekend in June, and yet it was full. Each box is separated by bushes, which for now look very delicate - it will probably change in 3 years. Toilets, bathrooms, washbasin, laundry, everything at the highest level - there is nothing to attach to. There is even a trampoline for children. The campsite is close to the swimming pool, which is paid, but there is a discount for campers. You can use the sports fields, fishing spots, swim a giant swan or lie on the pier by the lake. A great place for cycling trips, nice wooden churches in the area. We spent time there having a good time in conditions that are still difficult to find on most Polish campsites.

BrandysóVWka in the Będkowska Valley – image 1
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BrandysóVWka in the Będkowska Valley

On the weekend in June, we went to the Będkowska Valley and spent the night at the Brandysówka campsite. The neighborhood is worth the sin, you can walk along the asphalt road, and if you get bored, go down to one of the forest trails. For us, a bomb: Szeroki waterfall, Elephant's Dupa, Będkówka spring, Będkowska Gate, Sokolica, a cave above the spring. A nice place for a getaway with a child, because the campsite has a large playground and a small river. And of course, a perfect place for those who like to climb or admire those who climb, because the campsite is adjacent to Sokolica. It is worth taking your bikes with you, you can quickly reach the Fish Farm, where you can catch, prepare, eat fish from the breeding pond. We will definitely come back, the more so because it is so close to Silesia and we still have some to see and eat, because we didn't get to the fish.

Czech Republic 2016 – image 1
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Czech Republic 2016

We like our cars, we like meeting new people, we like sightseeing. This year we combined it all and went to the Czech Republic for 4 days. For the first day we chose Podmitrov for the night, where our Czech friend Jirka is organizing a family gathering of Volkswagen fans in the spring and in the fall. We love Czechs and we feel very welcome with them, which is why we have been going to this rally for three years. This year, we managed to gather a team of 16 buses from Poland and visit Jirka, and at the same time visit several places: Pernstejn castle, Cerna Hora brewery, Sloup and Macocha caves, Olomouc and the private motoring museum Veteran Arena in Olomouc. We ended each evening with a common meal - we all cooked in our Bograczu. We liked this way of traveling very much and we are already planning another such trip.

RALLY OF HISTORICAL VEHICLES April 22-24, 2016 – image 1
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The 6th International Świętokrzyski Rally of Historic Vehicles began on April 22, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. on the Kielce Track, in Miedziana Góra. Sports rehearsals were held there. On April 23, 2016, the vehicles are on the Sielpia-> St. Kuźnica-> Końsk and e-> Maleniec-> Sielpia route. 24/04/2016 - Sielpia route-> Chlewiska and the end of the rally. . I invite you to the photo report taken just before the start at the Kielce Track in Miedziana Góra ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

For a "boost" in Krościenko on the Dunajec River – image 1
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For a "boost" in Krościenko on the Dunajec River

At the end of the "nominal" holiday in 2013, which we spent at Lake Balaton ( ) - partly due to the remaining insufficiency (the stay in Hungary was shorter than planned due to the plague of food poisoning), and also because it announced It was a beautiful, weather-friendly weekend - we decided to go ... somewhere :) The plan was spontaneous and envisaged a few-day visit to Lake Rożnowskie. I, like me, do not go anywhere without a google reconnaissance - this is what spontaneity I have in me. I entered the slogan campsite on the Internet and here is the link " Campsite Tabaszowa-Witkówka invites you" I think it is a fairy tale, but to be sure I opened the website, I look - the longest sandy beach on Rożnów, beautiful photos of the lake at night, well generally gorgeous. I think - we're going. The road from Kielce is not too long, so we traveled calmly, admiring the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. When I got there, I noticed a disturbing symptom - the navigation showed a target of 0.5 km and I could see maybe 100m towards the lake ... but with the slope down. Something is wrong I thought. I have stood in front of a store and is examining the matter on the map. Well, everything is correct. So I did not boldly turn into the path leading towards the lake. Its slope grew with each meter, making me slightly concerned - I quickly switched to the mountain driving style - we brake the engine but he could not cope so slowly, using the brakes, I was going down. At the end of the road there was actually a camping, or maybe more like a campsite, camping - I don't know how to categorize it myself. We went with my wife to the reception - asking for vacancies. Lady - I think the owner, that they are, so we are where there are toilets and consternation here, the owner.

MOTOR SHOW 2016 part 2 – image 1
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MOTOR SHOW 2016 part 2

We go to the next pavilion with cars ... At the beginning, something from the top shelf:. . . . . Fiat in a sports version and off-roader based on the Mitsubishi L200:. . . . . . . . . . . . Next we pass the stand of KIA and Citroen with new competition for VW T6 (twin Peugeot a little further):. . . . . . . . . . . The next pavilion is occupied by the cars of the VW group: Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And next to them is Porsche ... also Porsche bikes ...

MOTOR SHOW 2016 part 1 – image 1
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MOTOR SHOW 2016 part 1

One-day trip to Poznań for MOTOR SHOW 2016 . I invite... We start with motorcycles ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The topic of motorcycles is barely touched, because we have to look for another "motorcycle" pavilion, but a car on the way ... . . The Hyundai Elantra had its world premiere at the fair in Poznań, in general the Hyundai stand was ... white. . . . . . . Further we have sports cars:. . . . . . . The next one on the way is the Toyota stand, where the hydrogen Toyota Mirai enjoyed the greatest interest ...

BUDAPEST – image 1
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Budapest is one of those places we visit quite often. When moving around it, we use public transport, the metro works there perfectly or we wander the streets of Budapest slowly. There are a few places we particularly like:. - old M1 metro line with absolutely brilliant vibe. We usually stay overnight at Kiraly utca and we are close to the M1 so we take advantage of it. We are regular visitors to Hősök tere , where the Vajdahunyad Castle is located. The Városliget City Forest has many attractions, such as the zoo , Vidampark (amusement park) and the largest and oldest thermal pool complex in Budapest, Széchenyi Fürdő , and a circus. In winter, a large ice rink is organized.

Siamoszyce 2015 Idea for Jure – image 1
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Siamoszyce 2015 Idea for Jure

Siamoszyce near Zawiercie, a nice idea for a trip to Jure :-).