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Camping in Croatia is a fantastic place for your dream holiday. Always guaranteed weather, charming beaches, warm sea sparkling in the sun with the most beautiful shades of blue... Croatia can make anyone fall in love!

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Dream place for camping – Croatia!

Situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Every year it attracts millions of tourists, whom it falls madly in love with. It has everything you need to spend a perfect vacation: warm, crystal-clear sea, well-kept beaches, interesting culture, beautiful cities and towns, natural wonders, delicious cuisine. It is also an excellent destination for anyone who chooses a campsite as a place to stay – Croatia offers many possibilities for spending a camping holiday. It has a well-developed camping infrastructure. Together with your family or friends, you can choose to stay in your own tent, caravan or camper, or decide to rent a cottage, bungalow or luxury glamping.

Campsites in Croatia are very diverse. This is one of their greatest advantages, because thanks to this, both lovers of small, intimate places and those who prefer spending holidays in large complexes will find a suitable destination for themselves provide a rich entertainment and recreation offer.

In addition, campsites in Croatia are located in different regions. The Croatian coast stretches for hundreds of kilometers and impresses with the same strength on each stretch, although sometimes with something completely different. And there are also islands – the archipelago in this part of the Adriatic consists of 1185 islands and islets, of which 67 are inhabited. So you can go camping in Croatia every year for years, each time getting to know completely different places. But beware, it's addictive: it's enough to go on holiday to this extraordinary country once to see that once is definitely not enough. So you come back again... and then again and again...

Direction: Croatia. Camping in Istria, Dalmatia, Pag?

Which region should I choose for my first stay? Recommended campsites in Croatia are, for example, in Istria – a peninsula in the northern part of the country. Istria is sometimes called Croatian Tuscany. Why? Italian influences are strongly visible here, especially in culture and architecture. One of the most popular cities on the peninsula, Rovinj was part of the Republic of Venice for 500 years and before that of the Roman Empire. Also the landscape – wonderfully green, hilly, with numerous vineyards – resembles the Tuscan one.

Perfect camping in Croatia can also be found in Dalmatia, a region stretching from the island of Pag to the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, such as Split, Trogir or Dubrovnik, as well as large tourist centers (the most popular of which is Makarska) and small towns or fishing villages are waiting for you here. You can spend time here on the beach, water sports or sightseeing. Regardless of which part of Dalmatia you stay in, places like Krka National Park, Korčula or St. George's Mountain (Sveti Jure) are worth seeing.

The map of campsites in Croatia also includes Kvarner, a charming coastline between Istria and Dalmatia. Here you will find beautiful beaches, spectacular sea views and fantastic islands: Rab, Krk or Pag, famous for its "moon" landscape.

Croatia + holidays + camping = the perfect combination

Camping in Croatia is not only a great place to relax and laze around. They are also real centers of entertainment and all sorts of sports activities. Even if you stay at a small, peaceful campsite, you will find plenty of different ways to spend your time in the immediate vicinity.

Croatia is a real paradise for lovers of water sports. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, jet ski madness, thrilling wild river rafting? The possibilities are vast! Not to mention diving – to admire the fascinating underwater world of the Adriatic, you don't need any equipment, just a mask. The Croatian sea is crystal clear and transparent, so colorful fish and other sea creatures can be observed at shallow depths and even just below the surface. On many campsites in Croatia, there are well-equipped water equipment rentals.

Camping holidays in Croatia are also an excellent proposition for activities on land lovers. There are so many places to visit that you could vacation there every year for the next 30 years and probably still not see everything. During walks in the most beautiful cities and towns or national parks, you can burn quite a lot of calories. Cyclists will also find something for themselves. Croatia offers many different routes for both amateurs and professionals. There are also more rentals and services every year.

And something for the spirit? The holiday season in Croatia is full of various cultural and folklore events. Concerts, dance shows, fairs, fairs of regional products – the beauty of this country can be explored in various ways.

The campsites in Croatia also offer quite a lot of entertainment for the youngest campers. Children can take part in specially prepared animations, performances, magic shows or workshops. In many campsites, there are even mini-clubs that provide several hours of care for children. Children can also have fun in swimming pools or water parks.

Camping in Croatia – how to find the perfect one?

The tourist season in Croatia lasts from April to October, culminating in July and August. It is worth booking accommodation in advance – in the case of the most popular resorts, the search should start at the beginning of the year. Every nice campsite in Croatia is very popular!

How are camping prices in Croatia? The costs of accommodation vary and it is difficult to give even an average value. The variety of the offer and a really developed tourist infrastructure, however, make the choice really large, so you can find a place for every budget. Cheap campsites in Croatia are primarily smaller, more intimate and located in less crowded towns. This is, of course, a big plus – the opportunity to rest in peace and quiet for many tourists is really priceless.

A map of campsites in Croatia – both small campsites and resorts with extensive infrastructure – can be found at CampRest. Use our search engine and choose a place ideally suited to the needs and expectations of your family or friends. Here you will find the best, selected campsites in Croatia, recommended by us or by our users. It doesn't matter if you come with a motorhome, caravan, tent or bungalow reservation – you will spend an unforgettable holiday here! And thanks to our advanced search engine, you will easily find a campsite in Croatia that will provide you with everything you need.

Croatia is full of such charming corners that you could actually pick a place to spend your vacation – every corner of this country is worth visiting and… loving. The map of campsites in Croatia will help you make the right choice.

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