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Are you looking for a campsite?

Holidays in Poland, Spain, or maybe a holiday in sunny Italy? In our database you will find the perfect campsite for you!

Motorhomes for sale & rent

Van for just 2 people or maybe a luxury motorhome over 3,5t? Find the perfect RV for you!

We advise where to spend your vacation

You do not need to plan a vacation in a motorhome anymore, we did it for you!

Get new customers from Poland!

Gaining new customers from Poland is easier with CampRest! We know this market because we live here.

Insurance for a motorhome

As the first in Poland, we have prepared a set of insurances dedicated to motorhomes (only for polish citizens)

A motorhome trip in winter to Italy or Austria

Join a Winter Motorhome Rally with CampRest. Take a break in the best mountain campsites in Italy or Austria.

RV rental in the USA

We are the official representative of the largest motorhome rental in the USA.

Camper Concierge – I’ll advise you while buying a motorhome

Do you need independent advice? I will help you choose the right motorhome and apply for an offer to various dealers.
Do you have any questions? Or maybe you would like to start a cooperation with us?
WRITE TO US AND WE WILL CERTAINLY HELP!Do you have any questions? Or maybe you would like to start a cooperation with us?

Our products

A fairy tale campsite

A fairy tale campsite

We have published a fantastic, illustrated children's book about camping holidays. See what adventures will befall our family during their stay in wonderful Tuscany! (only in Polish language)

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Pre-made routes for RVs

Pre-made routes for RVs

Our personal proposals for motorhome trips. Each route is a detailed travel and accommodation plan. We describe where to stay safely for the night and what to see during your trip. (only in Polish language)

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Beginner’s guide

Beginner’s guide

There you will find answers to all your questions! How and where to rent a motorhome, what to ask before signing the contract, how to plan a trip? What to do when you come to the campsite? (only in Polish language)"

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Printed Camping Guide

Printed Camping Guide

It is a printed publication that we print once a year. You will find here the best campsites in various European countries that we recommend. You can find its online version HERE. We distribute it for free!
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Who creates CampRest?

Our team for
special tasks

Kasia Kozłowska

Kasia Kozłowska

Our Instagram Ninja, author of e-books with ready-made motorhome routes, keeps order in our Facebook Groups and, among others, creates newsletters. She search for the best campsites in Europe for you, helps you plan your vacation in a motorhome and tells you where to go on vacation. She is also responsible for RV reservations in the USA. Kasia usually takes a passenger seat in the motorhome, although we all know who is running CampRest's life;)


Piotr "Sheriff" Kozłowski

The main driver, founder and the brain of CampRest. He is the one who runs the whole mechanism, implements new ideas faster than he is able to invent them. He used to be a professional driver and have run his own freight forward company - as you can see, he has always been drawn to sleep in the car;) He likes to drive large motorhomes and encourages you to get a C driving license and buy motorhomes over 3.5 tons.


Maks and Franek Kozłowski

Campsites and motorhome testers! They often strain the technical condition of RVs and pull all the door handles and cabinets in the motorhome, they personally check all attractions on campsites - and all this for you and your children, to make your vacation full of joy.

Kasia Bletek-Kliś

Kasia Bletek-Kliś

The always busy master of procrastination. In CampRest, she is responsible for the content and its quality - she writes, reads and corrects. She rolls frivolous commas, rearranges the order of sentences, rummages through dictionaries and comes up with new synonyms. When it comes to tourism, she still discovers a new place on the map, where she has never been.

Maciej Kinal

Maciej Kinal

He feels best in the form of trade fairs and meetings with enthusiasts. Technical freak. In his life, he has dismantled many motorhomes for the first time. Fan of large vehicles, mountain biking. Responsible in CampRest for all publications about motorhomes and caravans.



He is responsible for editing videos that we publish on YouTube. He can turn our thousands of hours of chatting about motorhomes and campsites into a short and pleasant video, thanks to which it is easier for you to make holiday choices.



They deal with the visual side of CampRest. They create graphics, compose e-books, guides and other advertising and press materials. They drew our fairy tale for children!



A software house based in the heart of the Silesian Beskids. Magicians convert lines of code into functional e-commerce solutions. Responsible for the design and implementation of the new version of CampRest. Outside of work, enthusiasts of sailing, mountain hiking and bicycle trips in the near and distant surroundings.

Marketing Agency Mint

Marketing Agency Mint

He carries out any marketing task faster than you can think of it. He helps in the construction of our websites and their correct operation and the promotion of certain branches of Camprest. Importantly - everything from the deck of a motorhome, as part of the Family Workation.

CooperationIf you think that you or your company can help us develop CampRest - write to us. CV is boring - surprise us;)
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See what path we have already traveled

We register www.camprest.com domain
We exhibit at the caravanning trade show for the first time
We publish Caravanning Discount Catalog for the first time
CampRest is visited by more than 0,5 mln visitors for the first time
We start to publish and distribute Printed Camping Guide
We close our other companies and work full time in CampRest
We publish kids book “Fairy Tale Campsite”
We start to test very luxury vehicles over 3,5tonnes – as a first journalists in Poland
We organize our first “CampRest’s Winter Rally in Sexten”
We start to publish and sell our eBooks
We become official partner of Cruise America
We reach over 1 million people during 1 month through Facebook
We expand our cooperation with CarGO! and start a long term (1 year) motorhome tests of their vehicles
We launch a totally new version of CampRest website
2nd “CampRest’s Winter Rally in Sexten”
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