Campsites by the sea

Choose the best campsites by the sea and plan a seaside holiday that will fill you with positive energy for a long time! The waves crashing against the shore with a soft murmur, the sand glistening in the sun, the blue sky above your head that promises another beautiful day... Sounds like the perfect vacation, doesn't it?

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Camping site overlooking the sea... and have a great holiday!

Seaside towns, both in Poland and abroad, are the most frequent holiday destinations for most tourists. And no wonder! You can relax wonderfully by the sea – nothing charges internal batteries like the sun, beach and fun in the water. And in addition: cruises, walks along the lively promenade, dinners with a view of the endless water stretching to the horizon and the one-of-a-kind, unique atmosphere of seaside towns, which you miss all year round. The best campsites by the sea as a form of accommodation is one of the most attractive and at the same time more and more popular ways to spend this time. Why?

First of all, spending your vacation on a camping site by the sea gives you a chance for close, unrestricted contact with nature. It's an experience impossible to live in the full hustle and bustle of a hotel. When you spend the night in a tent, caravan or cottage, you can enjoy meals in the open air, birds singing everywhere or the smell of a pine forest. The gentle rays of the sun are an alarm clock, and a good night's sleep: a view of the stars shining in the sky.

A camping site by the sea?

A huge advantage of campsites by the sea is also their location. If you rent accommodation in private accommodation, you have to take into account a longer walk to the beach - because this type of accommodation is usually far from the shoreline. If, however, you care about the close proximity to the sea, the choice will be narrowed down to the largest (and usually the most expensive) hotels. Campsites by the sea are not uncommon - both in Poland and abroad you will find campsites that offer direct access to the beach. It's hard to imagine a better option: a few steps and a splash, you're swimming in the sea!

And even if the campsite is not located directly by the sea, but some distance away, it is certainly located in a picturesque place – because beautiful surroundings are a real must for campers. The proximity of the forest, meadows or fields means that the typical hustle and bustle of seaside towns does not reach the campsite. So you can enjoy peace and quiet, cut off from the daily rush and immerse yourself in the relaxing surroundings of nature.

Campsites by the sea also offer various forms of accommodation. You can sleep in a tent, experiencing the charms of camping in its purest form, come with a motorhome or caravan, or rent accommodation in a cottage, bungalow or – in modern centers – modern and “Instagram style” glamping. Everyone will find the right option for themselves.

Campsites by the sea – what to look for?

When choosing a campsite near the sea, the first thing you pay attention to is the location – that's obvious. In addition to the distance from the beach, it is also worth checking the distance from the town center, as well as the nearest area: whether there are shops, restaurants or bicycle and sports equipment rentals.

When looking for the perfect campsite, an important criterion will also be the standard. The offer for campers is growing year by year, so among the available places everyone will find something for themselves. It is worth paying attention to the entire infrastructure around the campsite: toilets, showers, public kitchens. Some resorts also offer access to a laundry room, on-site BBQ, or private restrooms. Motorhome travelers should check whether the selected campsite by the sea has the so-called camper service – including the possibility of emptying the gray water tank and refueling with fresh water.

Campsites by the sea in popular towns are usually distinguished by extensive camping and recreation facilities. In larger centers you will find not only accommodation, but also shops, restaurants, cafes, water and sports equipment rentals, and mini-clubs for children that run professional animations. The standard of campsites is also raised by swimming pools and SPA zones as well as sports infrastructure: tennis courts, outdoor gyms, volleyball, basketball and football fields. In the high season, you can also count on cyclical events: dance parties with live music, concerts and performances for children.

Campsites near the sea in Poland

Although the Baltic Sea can be capricious in terms of weather, it still attracts a lot of tourists every year. It tempts with its unique atmosphere of bustling towns and delights with seaside landscapes – even when (or maybe especially when?) it is ruled by a storm. Campsites by the sea can be a great place to spend your holidays. In what region of Pomerania should you look for them?

If camping by the sea, Hel – Hel Peninsula, and especially Chałupy, are famous for their camping atmosphere. You will find here many campsites and camping sites with various accommodation options, as well as the unique atmosphere of summer aura and holiday relaxation. Wide beaches, extraordinary Kashubian culture, fishing traditions, seal aquarium, lighthouses - all this is a guarantee of a successful holiday. Every year, Hel also attracts lovers of active leisure, both on water and on land. You can go surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing here, or plan wonderful bike trips.

A peaceful campsite by the sea? Check out such places as Chłapowo or tiny Wicie or Łazy. Lots of attractions? Choose Gdańsk, Łeba, Kołobrzeg, Mielno or Sopot. A family campsite by the sea? You will like Jastarnia, Grzybowo or Ustronie Morskie.

Campsites by the sea in Croatia, Italy or Spain

Those who want a guarantee of sunny, perfect weather throughout their holiday usually choose foreign destinations. One of the most popular destinations is Croatia. Its warm climate, stunning nature and peaceful atmosphere of seaside towns attract millions of tourists every year. Tent and camping sites by the sea can be found all over the coast: from Istria, through the vicinity of Karlobag, Zadar or Split, to Dubrovnik.

You can also find both peaceful campsites by the sea and extensive resorts with numerous attractions in Italy. Eugene Veneto, Campania, Abruzzo, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, Lazio, Calabria, Liguria… There are really plenty of possibilities – you can choose a place for your holiday, because each of the Italian regions will delight you equally (although sometimes with something completely different!).

Are you drawn to further corners of Europe? Campsites by the sea are also waiting for you in sunny Spain. It is a country famous for its beautiful coastline, great weather and rich culture. The campsites and tent sites here offer excellent recreational facilities, as well as many opportunities to spend time outdoors.

How about France, Portugal or the opposite direction: Sweden? In each of these countries you will find campsites right by the sea with wonderful views.

Campsites by the sea – a way to escape the hustle and bustle

Camping by the sea or located a short distance from the beach, in the middle of a pine forest, will be a great place for a holiday for everyone who is looking for an escape from the daily bustle. The sound of the sea, warm sand under your feet and absolute peace of mind - sounds like a perfect holiday, right? Choose a campsite by the sea and enjoy a fantastic holiday!