Camper parks

Where is the best place to stay with a motorhome? The answer is simple: in a camper park, i.e. motorhome parking. There you can use service points, replenish water supplies or connect to electricity. Thanks to the specially prepared camper infrastructure, the camper parks are an ideal place for a stopover. Most often them are located near tourist attractions or on routes to the most popular holiday resorts.

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Camper park - an alternative to "wild" accommodation

Camper park is a car park with amenities designed especially for motorhomes. On its premises, you can do camper-service: empty the gray and black water tank, empty the chemical toilet and replenish the supply of fresh water. There are power connections at the parking spaces designated for each vehicle. Sometimes camper parks also offer access to additional infrastructure: toilets or laundry.

Motorhome parking is a great alternative to overnight stay in the wild. Caravanning enthusiasts often admit that staying overnight in a public place, for example in a Travelers Service Area or on the edge of a forest, is more often a vigil than a rest. Unknown, open terrain and a large rotation of other travelers mean that, involuntarily, everyone is more vigilant.

Meanwhile, in camper parks you can really breathe, using a break in your journey to rest effectively. Their space is usually fenced, and the entry and exit are handled by reception staff or automatic gates. Fully automated car parks are popular especially in Western Europe. They work in a simple way: at the entrance gates, you only need to enter the date of arrival and departure, and then pay the appropriate fee. Instead, you get a magnetic card that allows you to operate the service station and activate access to electricity.

Camper parks in Poland

In Poland, the infrastructure for the basic motorhome service is developing more and more dynamically. A park camper is coming - more places of this type are created both near tourist attractions and at hotels or guesthouses. If you are planning a caravanning holiday with your family or friends, be sure to check out our base of car parks for motorhomes and plan your travel itinerary so that you can make the best use of your breaks. Camper parks make it easier!