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Do you dream of camping? Italy will be the perfect place for you! It is a country that attracts like a magnet: with the sun, views, cuisine, the atmosphere of wonderful carefreeness. Let yourself be enchanted by Italian la dolce vita: browse the best campsites in Italy and plan a holiday that will charge you with positive energy for months!

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Direction: camping? Italy!

Italy is a country that you can travel the length and breadth of, and yet still feel unsatisfied – and so great that on the way back home, another Italian trip is planned. It's hard not to fall in love with its landscapes and amazing climate, as well as its enormous diversity. Paradise beaches, monumental mountains, the most beautiful cities and towns in the world, idyllic valleys and lowlands, a fascinating history that can be experienced at almost every step... Here absolutely everyone can find something that will delight them. No wonder that after the first holiday in Italy people come back to them again. And then another and another...

Regardless of how you imagine a perfect holiday, here you will surely make your dreams come true! The more so that it is a perfect country for enthusiasts of such a form of spending holidays as camping. Italy has been popular among caravanning enthusiasts for many years. Thanks to this, the tourist infrastructure is extremely extensive and diversified.

Campsites in Italy offer a variety of accommodation options. You can choose between a tent, a caravan, a holiday home or a luxury bungalow. You will find accommodation both in small, intimate campsites, hidden in charming bays or in the shade of forests, as well as in large holiday centers – all depending on how you want to spend your holiday.

Campgrounds in Italy are famous for their excellent facilities. They offer not only accommodation, but also various forms of spending time. In the areas of the most developed centers you will find restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, SPA zones, mini-clubs for children, playgrounds and sports and water equipment rentals. From such a campsite, you don't really have to go anywhere – everything you need to spend a great holiday is there. Among the campsites in Italy you will also find many resorts with swimming pools.

Holidays + Italy + camping = a recipe for a perfect holiday

Italy is distinguished by its extraordinary landscape diversity. Regardless of whether you want to spend your vacation by the sea, in the mountains or in a picturesque valley, you will certainly find the perfect place on the Apennine Peninsula.

Relaxing on the coast? Italy is surrounded by different seas: Mediterranean, Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic, so the phrase "Italy – campsites by the sea" can take you to many places. The most popular region is the so-called Adriatic Riviera, called the Golden Beach of Europe, which stretches from Trieste to Rimini. Every year it attracts thousands of tourists – primarily with its wide, sandy beaches, fantastic weather and warm, crystal-clear sea. It is a real paradise for lovers of sunbathing! You can combine rest in the northern part of the coast with trips to the stunning Venice, romantic Verona or the islands of Murano and Burano, famous for their charming, colorful towns. However, in order to escape the tourist hustle and bustle, it is worth choosing a campsite as a place to stay – northern Italy offers a lot of possibilities here. In this part of the country you will find both intimate campsites and large holiday complexes.

The Italians also have monumental mountains, vast valleys and glacial lakes that rise right at the foot of soaring peaks. The Alps, the Dolomites, the Apennines – each of these ranges offers speechless views and completely different holiday opportunities than usual. Staying at a campsite in Italy set in the mountains, you can wander the stunning trails all day and discover the most beautiful corners at your own pace, and relax in the evening with a view of the stars. Sounds fantastic, right?

Many campsites in Italy are also in Tuscany. It is a region that, as if in a lens, brings together all the advantages for which we love Italy so much: lavender fields stretching to the horizon, hills covered with vines, incredibly beautiful views and charming towns, almost pulsating with centuries of history.

And we could go on and on... Because Italy is also Sardinia and Sicily, Apulia, Liguria with the beautiful Portofino or the less known, but equally fantastic Aosta Valley. In each of these regions you can find smaller and larger campsites. Italy is a really great holiday destination!

Campings in Italy – where will you spend your holidays this year?

Campsites in Italy are famous for their excellent facilities and many amenities that make your stay as comfortable and successful as in a few-star hotel. One point we have already mentioned is the different types of accommodation. Campsites in Italy are both quiet and peaceful campsites, as well as large holiday complexes with swimming pools, playgrounds and extensive sports and recreation infrastructure. Such places will especially appeal to families with children – the little ones have a lot of opportunities to spend their time here, so parents can be sure that during their holidays they will never hear the sacramental: "I'm bored!".

Many campsites in Italy also have comprehensive food and catering facilities. During your vacation, you can cook by yourself, taking advantage of the proximity of grocery stores, or dine in restaurants, getting to know local specialties. A great convenience is also the proximity of bicycle rental or water equipment. Fans of active leisure will also enjoy the sports infrastructure – campsites in Italy often offer their guests access to an outdoor gym, as well as football, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts. Holidays can therefore be a great opportunity to discover new sports and passions!

Very many campsites in Italy also have swimming pools at their disposal. And sometimes even entire complexes of smaller and larger pools, including those prepared especially for children – shallower and equipped with slides or other fun accessories.

And how are the prices of camping in Italy? Italy is quite diverse in this respect, so it is difficult to give even averaged costs. It all depends on the location and standard, as well as the type of accommodation. However, we can say one thing for sure: the offer is so wide and rich that everyone will find the right one among the campsites in Italy.

Camping – Italy invites you to a unique holiday

Use our campsite search engine and find the perfect holiday spot for you and your family or friends. Thanks to the filters, you can precisely define your requirements so that choose an offer tailored perfectly to your needs. A small, intimate campsite right by the sea? A campsite with a swimming pool or a tennis court? Proximity to restaurants, kayak rentals, bus stop? With CampRest you will plan the perfect vacation – one that is remembered for years!

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