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When planning a family holiday in the Aosta Valley in Italy, you should know some important facts about the life of this region in advance. It is the smallest administrative area, but at the same time the most mountainous. There are as many as 40 peaks on its territory, the height of which exceeds 4,000 meters. This is where you can climb Mont Blanc.

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Alpine landscape

The Aosta Valley, situated in the very center of the European Alps, is an extremely magical place due to its alpine landscape. The air here is crisp and time passes slower, especially when we decide to camping in the Aosta Valley. There are also the best ski runs here, which are in perfect condition, so we especially recommend a family holiday in the Aosta Valley in winter. However, it cannot be denied that this region is delightful at any time of the year.

Shadow of the Roman era

A holiday in the Aosta Valley can also be combined with visiting monuments – mainly those that have been preserved since the Roman era, such as the road to the capital. There are many castles here, of which we especially recommend Ussel in Chatillon, as well as numerous fortifications, such as Forte di Bard. And when you don't have the strength to wander further in the evenings, take a seat in one of the local trattorias and enjoy the taste of Italian cuisine, good French cheese and regional wine. 

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