Campings Calabria

When you spend a camping holiday in Calabria, it is impossible not to notice a certain contrast that sets this region apart. There are no lowlands here, so the landscape is made up of mountains and the uneven coastline of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas. And although Calabria is not as developed a region as its northern part due to its location in the south of the country, a family holiday at a campsite will surely be a nice idyll.

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Holidays in Calabria

When planning a vacation in Calabria, choose a campsite for the family that will provide access to attractions interesting for all holidaymakers. Due to the mountainous terrain, you may have problems with smooth commuting. Stay in Cosenzo and see the original cathedral, or buy an admission ticket to the Reggio Calabria Archeology Museum.

Landscape of beaches and rocky coast

When staying at a campground in Calabria, ask yourself: do you want to spend time near the rocky coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, or are you interested in the sandy beaches of the Ionian Sea? Each of these places has its own charm, but before booking, make sure of your preferences: do you prefer sunbathing or walking and discovering the beauty of the region's nature?

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