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Are you planning to go camping? Tuscany is one of the most wonderful regions in Italy, and at the same time the perfect place for a holiday in the rhythm of a camping. It is simply unbelievably beautiful – whoever visits it once will leave their heart here forever.

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Camping – Tuscany is calling!

Tuscany is a region in central Italy, located in the northern part of the Apennines and on the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian seas. It also includes the Tuscan Islands, among which the most famous are Capraia, Giglio and of course the beautiful Elba. The capital of Tuscany is Florence, and the network of other important cities also includes Siena, Lucca, Pisa and Arezzo.

We could talk endlessly about the beauty of this region and still not tell everything. It is one of the most charming and culturally rich places in the world. It attracts millions of tourists every year, tempting with its wonderful landscapes, almost tangible centuries-old history and fantastic cuisine. Camping in Tuscany is therefore a great idea for a holiday – both for couples, families with small children and teenagers or with friends.

In Tuscany, there are postcard-like views at every turn. The iconic ones are, of course, gently undulating hills and winding roads lined with cypress trees. They are a showcase of the Val d'Orcia region, entered on the UNESCO list. Here time seems to pass much slower – if you are looking for a deep breath and escape from the city rush during your holiday, this region of Tuscany will surely enchant you. And the sea? Tuscany has a varied coast, so you will find both modern resorts and quite wild stretches, still undiscovered by tourism. Sandy beaches with a gentle descent to the sea dominate, so it is a perfect place for sunbathing and lazing around. For lovers of mountain landscapes, we recommend, for example, Garfagnana, a charming valley between the Apennines and the Apuan Alps.

Vineyards are also a characteristic element of the Tuscan landscape. A visit to one of them is not only an opportunity to taste unique, one-of-a-kind regional liquors, but also to walk in stunning natural surroundings. Campsites in Tuscany are often located near vineyards – it's hard to imagine a more picturesque place to go camping.

Camping Tuscany – something for the spirit and something for the body

Tuscany is not only unique nature. It is also a wonderful architecture and art, shaped by the region's fascinating but complicated history. Over the centuries, Tuscany has been ruled and influenced by various tribes, dynasties, kingdoms and states: first the Etruscans, a highly developed people who left behind amazing works of art, then the Romans, the Germans, the Byzantines, the Lombards Franks, Austria and France, until finally in the 19th century it became part of united Italy. Perhaps it is precisely this intermingling of different nations and cultures that has shaped its unique character?

One thing is certain: lovers of sightseeing and insatiable learning about new cultures in Tuscany will certainly not be bored. Here, every city, town, street and nook tells its own story. What is especially worth visiting when planning a camping holiday in Tuscany?

Certainly Florence – the capital of the region. It is one of the most impressive cities in the world: full of so many monuments, museums, works of art and charming streets that it takes not days or weeks to see them all, but months. A must see is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with its monumental dome by Brunelleschi, which offers a fantastic view of the city. Piazza Della Signoria and one of the most important galleries in the world: Palazzo Uffizi are also worth seeing.

When planning a camping trip in Tuscany, the list of places to see should also include Siena, a city that impresses with its Gothic architecture and atmosphere steeped in history. In summer, the famous Palio horse race takes place here. Pisa with its famous Leaning Tower and Lucca, the city of the famous Puccini music festival, also attract many tourists.

But Tuscany with its monuments and works of art is not only a "feast" for the spirit. It's also... something for the body, that is fantastic cuisine! Cooking here is simple, but rich and varied. If you plan to prepare meals on your own during your camping holiday, using the camping infrastructure, be sure to try the local delicacies: Pecorino Toscano (hard sheep's milk cheese), local olive oil, pici or cantucci pasta, delicious almond cookies. In Tuscany, many dishes are prepared on the grill, so be sure to prepare for frequent grilling!

Tuscany – houses, a tent, or maybe a camper?

The Apennine Peninsula is a destination willingly chosen by tourists who choose campsites as a place to stay. Italy (Tuscany as well) has an extensive camping base. You will find here both small, intimate campsites, where time magically flows slower, and modern holiday complexes, simply created for families with children and groups of friends. There is definitely a lot to do in such centers – holidaymakers can use swimming pools, outdoor gyms, football, basketball and tennis courts or mini-clubs for children. Some campsites also have restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and bike and water equipment rentals.

Camping in Tuscany is also characterized by a great variety in terms of accommodation options. You can go camping, come with your own motorhome or caravan or book a place in a summer house or on an exclusive glamping. The CampRest campsite search engine will help you find a campsite in Tuscany that will perfectly meet all your needs.

Camping in Tuscany – it's time for the holiday of your life!

Campsites in Tuscany, however, offer not only great facilities, but also a wide range of leisure activities. Many tourists decide to explore this extraordinary region from the saddle of a bicycle. Due to the hilly landscape, you need to be in good shape to do this, but it is an experience worth the effort. For cycling tours in Tuscany, however, you need to reserve more time. Journey times are usually significantly longer, because the ride is often interrupted... because you pass a fantastic view that must be captured in a photo, or a cozy cafe that invites you to enter with the aromatic smell of coffee.

Camping holidays in Tuscany can also be diversified with horseback riding. This part of Italy offers excellent opportunities to explore the area in the saddle. Horses, wind in your hair and views that are hard to take your eyes off of – sounds like a perfect vacation, right?

The coast of Tuscany is full of water sports: windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, diving... Fans of fun on the water will surely find an activity for themselves here. They do not have to worry about the equipment – there are many rentals on site. And when it's time to rest, the sun and lazing on the beach will effectively recharge the internal batteries.

Campsites in Tuscany often organize other activities for their guests, such as tasting wines or local delicacies. This is a unique opportunity to learn something about the production process or find out about its curiosities. And, of course, to taste unique specialties!

Do you feel that Tuscany is your place on earth? Use the CampRest campsite search engine and choose a campsite in Tuscany where you will experience the holiday of your life!

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