Campings Campania

Situated in the south of Italy, Campania has many advantages, such as access to the sea and a very rich history that goes back to pre-Christ times. When choosing camping with the family, it is worth spending at least one day to climb Mount Vesuvius and walk around Pompeii, which was damaged centuries ago by the actions of an extinct volcano.

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To see Naples and die

The inhabitants of Campania believe that their region's capital, Naples, is a place that every human being should see. Therefore, go camping with your family in these areas. A beautiful panorama of the city awaits you here, a port where powerful cruise ships and luxury yachts stop, and delicious wine. For the sake of curiosity, it is worth mentioning that in ancient times the well-known Falerean wine was produced here.

Original Campaign Towns

Camping in Campania can be spent very actively, because there are countless attractions here. The most famous are Mount Vesuvius near Naples and the historic Pompeii covered with volcanic lava. You can also choose a campsite around the magical Sorrento or Capri to enjoy the beautiful beaches or meet the stars of the glass screen on the street. Go ahead and choose Campaign as the destination of your family holiday in Italy! 

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