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If you are planning a vacation in Italy, be sure to go to Lazio. It is in this region that beautiful Rome is located, which impresses with its architecture. Visitors can feel as if they have been transported back to ancient times. However, a holiday in Lazio is worth planning not only because of the country's capital located here, but also because of the magnificent mountain areas and access to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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Sea or maybe mountains?

Lazio offers many opportunities to spend your free time. When choosing camping in Lazio, we can take advantage of the offer related to the proximity of both the Tyrrhenian Sea coast and the mountainous areas of the Apennines. Undoubtedly, such a holiday can be extremely active, but also combined with tasting olives in the surrounding orchards or enjoying a perfect wine at sunset.

What is worth seeing while in Lazio?

The highlight of the region is undoubtedly Rome. We recommend booking at least two days to get to know all the sights that await tourists in this historic city. The Spanish Steps, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, and the entire Vatican delight every tourist with their unique architecture. Book your campsites in Lazio and see that Italy is impossible not to love!

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