Campings Sicily

Sicily is known as the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, and at the same time is the largest region of Italy. Contrary to appearances, it is not only the mafia and the set of "The Godfather"! If you're still wondering whether to go family camping in Sicily, check out our recommendations.

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Mediterranean climate

Tourists in large numbers choose campsites in Sicily because of the wonderful Mediterranean climate prevailing here, which guarantees beautiful weather. There are many sandy beaches and small resorts here. Apart from the extraordinary landscapes, you can admire many monuments, the vast majority of which are distinguished by the Oriental design.

What to see in Sicily?

Although many people associate the region mainly with mafia activities, you have nothing to worry about! By choosing camping in Sicily, you can safely spend your holidays with your family. Here, plan time exploring the Cathedral of Palermo and the amazing Taormina Amphitheater, or relaxing on one of the magical beaches. Daredevils can climb the still active volcano – Mount Etna. An undoubted advantage of Sicily is also its native inhabitants who enjoy life, like to eat well and enjoy the excellent local wine among friends. 

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