Campings Mediterranean Sea

The Italian Mediterranean coast hides many unique places that will ensure an unforgettable holiday. The Mediterranean climate, pristine beaches, excellent regional cuisine and well-preserved historic architecture are the key to the tourist success of this region of Italy. Whether you're looking to catch the sun, explore historic towns, or bond with the people of this wonderful country, you'll find it all on the Mediterranean coast.

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Italian time travel

Among the most famous and fascinating attractions on the Mediterranean coast, it is worth mentioning Pompeii and Naples, the sightseeing of which is recommended by all Italian guides. We also recommend combining a camping holiday with a trip to these two famous places where we will learn more about the history of Italy from the earliest times of its existence.

Where to camping?

Every part of the Italian Mediterranean coast offers tourists an unforgettable experience, so the choice is not easy. In addition to the diverse Italian Riviera, the Amalfi Coast is very popular with beautiful beaches and blue water, loved by enthusiasts of swimming and water sports. Check out the camping spots by the Mediterranean Sea and choose the property that's best for you! 

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