Campings Apulia

Apulia is the most southern region of Italy and boasts the longest coastline compared to other provinces. You can feel the atmosphere of ancient events here, and the observant eye will find Greek influences, because in the old days it was the Greeks who colonized this area. See what else will surprise you with a camping holiday in Apulia!

Campsites found



Green Land

Going on a vacation to Apulia, you can spend all your time communing with nature. Choose a campsite for the family near the Alta Murgia or Gargano National Park. There are also nature reserves here – there are as many as 17 of them on the map! To that we also have to add Lake Salso, which is under the care of WWF.

Holidays in Apulia

Campsites in Apulia can also be found in the vicinity of historic towns, thanks to which we will spend time not only by the waters of the Adriatic Sea, but also with a guide in hand. We recommend Lecce, which has a unique baroque atmosphere – churches, tenement houses and palaces fully represent this trend in architecture. Alberobello, entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, also deserves attention. 

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