Small Campsites - Intimate and Secluded

Every day we are bombarded with so many stimuli that when we go on vacation, many of us dream to spend this time in silence, away from the crowds and noise. A small camping or campsite somewhere on the edge of a forest or right next to a wild beach is the perfect place for that!

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Small camping and campsite - for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle

In recent years, camping holidays have become very popular. There are both caravans and campers, many people also spend their holidays in a tent or rent houses on campings and campsites. This is a trend that does not surprise us at all - we have known for a long time that caravanning is the best way to vacation.

The greatest number of tourists are attracted by campings and campsites with extensive infrastructure: swimming pools, SPA centers, gyms, sports fields, indoor restaurants and cafes. These are large complexes located on vast terrain, which are usually quite busy. Due to the wide offer of various activities, they are often chosen by families with children and groups of friends.

In our CampRest base, however, we have also collected intimate, small campsites, perfect for people who would like to cut themselves off from the everyday hustle and bustle during their holidays. Such campings and campsites are located in quiet places: on the edge of a forest, by a small lake or right next to a wild beach. You can really breathe there: literally and figuratively.

Quiet campsite by the sea

A quiet, peaceful campsite by the sea is the perfect place for a vacation. In close proximity to nature, you can find relaxation and rest your senses. Instead of the noise of cars - the sound of the sea or wind in the treetops. Instead of the gray of the city - the ubiquitous green and blue stretching to the horizon. Instead of smog and the smell of hot asphalt - a refreshing sea breeze. When renting a quiet campsite by the sea, get it all for free!

A small campsite? Croatia or Italy are also a good direction

You will find small, intimate campsites not only on the Baltic Sea, but also in Croatia and Italy. Although these countries are the holiday destination of millions of tourists, there are also more secluded places in them. An intimate, small campsite will be a great base for exploring. During the day you can immerse yourself in the buzz of coastal towns, and in the evening you can take a breath, enjoying the closeness of nature.