Camping by the Bike Path

What better way to explore the area where we are staying on vacation than by bike rides? We move faster on a bike than on foot, so we can see more, but at the same time slowly enough to fully enjoy the views and the closeness of nature. The campsites along the bicycle paths will therefore be a great place for a shorter or longer holiday in the mountains, by the sea and the lake.

Campsites found



Camping and campsite by bicycle paths - the best place for a vacation

The Baltic Sea, Polish mountains, the coast of Croatia, alpine lakes in Slovenia or Austria, Italian Tuscany - no matter where you plan your vacation, bike rides will be a great way to spend your time. From the saddle of a bicycle, you can see much more than through a car window, and at the same time experience the beauty that surrounds us more intensely, because with all your senses - not only with your eyesight, but also your hearing and even smell.

In addition, cycling is a sport that is widely and easily accessible. Campsites located along bicycle paths most often offer the possibility of renting equipment, so tourists do not have to bring their own bikes with them. In addition, bicycle rides do not require an iron stamina, so everyone can enjoy their charms - just adjust the pace to your own abilities.

Camping for cyclists

The best campsites for cyclists are located in the vicinity of a dense network of bicycle paths, so… in virtually every popular tourist destination. Cycling has been developing very dynamically in recent years as more and more people appreciate this way of spending their free time. There are more and more well-marked routes and amenities for cyclists, such as stopping points and service stations. When going to the campsite (near bicycle paths and more), it is worth taking a bike with you or at least planning to rent it. Visiting the immediate area from the seat is a lot of fun.