Campings Liguria

Are you going on a vacation in Liguria? Check what attractions are waiting for you there! This region is located in the western part of Italy, right next to the Ligurian Sea. There is no shortage of interesting and affordable accommodation offers – check the rich base of campsites in Liguria!

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Picturesque atmosphere

Liguria is located between the mountain range and the sea and is characterized by a subtropical climate, therefore holidays in this place will allow you to enjoy the beautiful views and excellent weather. We suggest choosing a campsite in the Cinque Terre area, which has for years been considered by tourists as a magical and unique place. It is also worth adding that this region has the most Blue Flag beaches in Italy – as many as 20! It is true that you may not have enough time to visit them all, so you can use this fact to come back here next year and have another great family vacation!

Sights of Genoa

Like every region in Italy, Liguria also bears the traces of the Roman Empire, which you can find in Genoa, for example, but not only! When booking a camping in Liguria, be sure to go to the home of Christopher Columbus, Victory Square, the Bianco Palace from the 16th century or the largest aquarium in Europe. We wish you a successful holiday in Liguria!

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