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Three million years ago it was a shallow sea, today it is a lake surrounded by hills and eagerly visited by tourists. This place is appreciated for its clean water, charming towns, castles scattered here and there, as well as the famous blues music festival. Check if camping by Lago Trasimeno is your bull's eye!

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Lago Trasimeno in short

Lake Trasimeno is located in the municipality of Perugia in Umbria, on the border with Tuscany. Covering an area of ​​approximately 128 km², it is the fourth largest lake in Italy. Only two small rivers feed the waters of Lago Trasimeno. Depending on the rainfall and water needs of the surrounding towns, the level of the lake fluctuates significantly, but overall the lake is quite shallow. As the number of inhabitants and farms by the lake is quite small, the water in Lake Trasimeno is of very good quality.

Qualities of Lago Trasimeno

Clear water and beautiful views are not the only advantages of Lake Trasimeno. Many tourists are attracted here, among others, by the Trasimeno Blues Festival – one of the most important European festivals of blues music. On the hills surrounding the lake there are vineyards – the grapes grown here are the perfect Colli del Trasimeno. Olive cultivation also plays an important role here. A bicycle path has been created around the lake, there are also cross-country trails, and there are hiking trails on the hills. 

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