What motorhome to buy? Professional advice when buying a motorhome

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I provide professional, personalized advice when purchasing your dream camper. The service is addressed to people planning to purchase a new vehicle who do not have knowledge or experience in this area. People who have rented campers in the past and are now looking for such a vehicle to own, but are not entirely sure what to pay attention to when purchasing one, can also seek advice.

Buying a camper – why is it worth using the help of a specialist?

Buying a camper is a task that requires the so-called cool mind and knowledge supported by experience. A new vehicle costs approximately PLN 400,000-600,000. zlotys, so it is worth using the help of a person who has had some experience with it. Thanks to this, you will make the right decision - investing your money in the best possible way.

Buying a camper with the help of a specialist – how will you benefit from it?

The decision to hire a specialist who will help you choose the right camper has numerous benefits, and the main arguments are:

  • easier and more accurate selection of equipment - I have thoroughly tested several dozen campers worth from PLN 300,000. PLN to PLN 2 million - these were models from different manufacturers, with different interior layouts. Which arrangement will be suitable for a 2+2 family, and which will work much better for a couple of seniors or young, active people? I will give you a hint and justify it.
  • practical tips on current market trends - apart from testing, I visit most industry fairs and follow what's new. Thanks to this, I know which campers are worth choosing and which ones should be avoided,
  • prices adequate to the quality of the camper, its durability and usability - together with my crew, I conducted dozens of full-fledged tests - both as a 2+2 family during week-long escapades, but also long-distance tests lasting up to 6 to 12 months. Importantly, the vehicles were tested in different seasons.

I have been operating in the caravanning industry for over a dozen years - for the last 10 years as the publisher of the Camprest.com portal and an active tester of campers from various segments. The acquired knowledge allows us to provide personalized consulting services based on the client's activity profile. I know what cannot be missing if you go skiing in winter, and what will be unnecessary in the case of tourism focused on camping.

Videos of the tests performed

You can watch videos of some of the tests completed on our YouTube channel. Not every test is accompanied by a video, these are often reports on our social media accounts and/or reports on the website.

Link to YouTube -> CampRest camper tests

Professional advice when purchasing a camper – advantages

By investing in professional advice when purchasing a camper, you can count on, among others:

  • significant savings - help in selecting the right equipment - I will tell you when, for example, there is no point in investing in a piece of equipment worth PLN 20,000. PLN, when in practice you will only use it once a year,
  • individual discounts – support in the purchasing process involves the possibility of taking advantage of discounts obtained/negotiated from suppliers,
  • helping you in the process of obtaining and analyzing offers - by applying for a camper for sale on your behalf, I will specify the scope of equipment more quickly and negotiate favorable terms. Similarly in the case of leasing and insurance - the acquired knowledge allows you to use many solutions that allow for measurable savings.

The advisory process and the purchase of a camper - what does it look like in practice from the specialist's point of view?

I guarantee an individual and independent approach without persuading you to purchase a specific brand of vehicle or choose a specific dealer. The camper should bring joy not only at the moment of receipt and use - the process of configuration and purchase itself should be associated with fun.

Buy a camper with my help in 4 simple steps

Purchase advice is and should be 100% hassle-free for the customer. It consists of 4 simple steps:

  1. Interview - during which I ask many questions, thanks to which I will learn about your plans, preferences and budget - on this basis, I select several vehicles for joint analysis.
  2. A joint trip to a fair or contact with dealers - by visiting fairs or specific dealers, you will see various solutions and models with your own eyes - we will analyze them together - this will allow you to determine what is worth choosing and what is better to avoid.
  3. Purchasing a camper and selecting the appropriate equipment - after purchasing the camper, we will select the appropriate equipment elements - starting from the awning, through camping utensils and furniture, and ending with hydraulic supports.
  4. Help in planning the route - I provide comprehensive services, so with my help you will plan the first route from "A" to "Z", i.e. from the departure from your home to the most interesting places where you will be able to check the capabilities of your newly purchased vehicle.

Meetings during service provision take place in three models:

  • online,
  • by phone,
  • stationary.

How much does such consulting cost?

The cost of my consulting depends on the time I have to devote to you. Some people only need advice in the final choice between, for example, 2-3 models that they have already chosen, while others will need full advice from scratch, including a joint trip to the fair.

We determine the costs individually, but if you decide to finance through our partner LeasingKampera.pl and purchase insurance from our other partner UbezpieczKampera.pl , my advice will be completely free of charge.

Unfortunately, I do not advise when purchasing used vehicles.

If you are interested in professional advice when purchasing a camper, please contact us. You can count on trouble-free cooperation. With my help, you will choose a vehicle that will meet your expectations and, most importantly, you will not overpay. I recommend myself – Piotr Kozłowski.

[email protected]

tel: +48 792 445 484


The main driver, founder and the brain of CampRest. He is the one who runs the whole mechanism, implements new ideas faster than he is able to invent them. He used to be a professional driver and have run his own freight forward company - as you can see, he has always been drawn to sleep in the car;) He likes to drive large motorhomes and encourages you to get a C driving license and buy motorhomes over 3.5 tons.

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