Campings in Sibenik

A very varied coastline and numerous monuments make this region one of the most developed tourist centers in Croatia. It is characterized by a great variety of natural habitats, fauna and flora. At an altitude of 1,831 meters Croatia's highest peak rises here – Dinara, and there are also some of the most popular national parks: Krka and Kornati, which are very popular among tourists. The crystal clear water and stunning views of numerous islands and rocks await sunbathers here.

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Monuments and monuments again!

Located in central-northern Dalmatia, the Sibenik-Knin County is distinguished by a multitude of monuments. It is worth mentioning, among others, the stone cathedral, which has been entered on the UNESCO list, and the fortifications towering above the Old Town of Šibenik, the Visovac monastery on an island in the middle of the lake of the same name on the Krka River, the Krka monastery located about 3 kilometers east of Kistanje, and the Knin fortress. There are also traces of the first settlers – the village of Biskupija, 7 kilometers from Knin, is one of the most important ancient Croatian archaeological sites. In turn, in Ivoševci, 19 kilometers from Knin, you can see the remains of the former Roman military camp, Burnum. Book a campsite in and around Šibenik and go on a historical journey back in time!

Specialties from the Adriatic Sea

Due to the coastal location in the region, we can taste numerous seafood specialties. The most popular fish served here are sea bass and sea bream, and seafood – shrimps, squid and crabs. In addition, Dalmatian ham is traditionally made here, served with quality wines. Be sure to try the wild asparagus too! 

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