Campings in Zagreb

Although the capital of the country may not be associated with camping at all, here, besides the busy city center, you can find convenient spots for camping and more. It can be, for example, a great base to stop on the way to Plitvice Lakes or to the coastal cities of Croatia. After all, Zagreb is the most important transport hub in Croatia.


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Zagreb's history in a nutshell

Zagreb is the capital and largest city of Croatia. It is situated in the northwest of the country, along the Sava River, on the southern slopes of the Medvednica Mountain. It is a city with a rich history dating back to Roman times. The oldest settlement near the city was the Roman Andautonia (today's Šćitarjevo). The first written mention of Zagreb dates back to 1094. At that time, the city was divided into two parts: inhabited by the clergy (Kaptol) and intended for merchants and craftsmen (Gradec). Both parts were united in 1851. The city was under the rule of the Habsburgs, and the first mayor of the city was Janko Kamauf. During World War II, Zagreb became the capital of the Independent State. During the former Yugoslavia, the city remained an important economic center, and after Croatia declared its independence from Yugoslavia, Zagreb was declared its capital.

Attractions of Zagreb

There is no concept of boredom in Zagreb! There are tons of interesting sights and events here, such as the famous and award-winning Christmas Market, which has been included in the renowned European Best Destinations list. The capital is also known for the best restaurants in Croatia, offering both traditional Croatian dishes and international cuisine. It is especially worth going to Tkalčićeva Street, where the most restaurants, bars and cafes are located. For sightseeing tours, it is best to choose the historical part of the city located north of Ban Jelačić Square. There is a medieval complex with churches, palaces, museums and galleries. The main administrative buildings are also located here. 

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