3 days in Riva del Garda - the complete guide

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Are you wondering whether to go to Lake Garda , or more precisely to its north - to Garda Trentino? Or maybe you are going, but you don't know how to spend your vacation there? We'll make it easier for you! We present 3 days in Riva del Garda and its surroundings, which will fill your entire schedule from morning to evening! We promise you won't be bored.

Beach, walk and dinner in Riva del Garda

  • SUP swimming
  • Relaxing on the beach
  • Trekking – via Ponale
  • Dinner and lunch: Ristornte d'Ora - San Nicola
  • Or: Ristorante Pizzeria Leon d'Oro

You can spend the whole day in Riva del Garda without getting bored. In addition to atmospheric narrow streets with lots of cafes, restaurants and shops, the city has a beautiful promenade (with a bicycle path) running along the lake.


It stretches from the port in the city center to the next town - Torbole . Parallel to the promenade there are beaches, wonderful gardens and lawns, as well as playgrounds and cafes. The water in this part of the lake may be cooler than in the south, but on hot days it is an ideal source of refreshment. The surface is smooth, and motorboats are not allowed on it (prohibition), which makes it an ideal place to go SUP. Our two-year-old swam with us and he was delighted!


If you don't live in Riva, but in a nearby town, you can easily get there using one of the many bicycle paths . There are as many as 1,500 km of them!


In the afternoon, you can walk straight from the promenade to Via del Ponale . This is probably the most famous path in the area. It's easy to do both on foot and by bike, even with kids (and a sports stroller), while still affording stunning views of the lake. This is a beautiful trail that is a must-see. There is plenty to enjoy along its entire length, and the landscape that unfolds from the pub at the very end of the route is especially breathtaking. You can relax there and drink e.g. coffee. The trail is approximately 9.5 km long (one way), walking there and back should not take more than 3-4 hours.


We recommend spending the evening in one of two restaurants in Riva del Garda , which we wrote about in the previous article: Garda Trentino - a culinary trail.

Bicycle trip and wine tasting

  • Mandelli Bike e-bike rental
  • Wine tasting at Cantina do Pedrotti
  • Dinner: Torbole – Casa Beust

As we mentioned above, the Garda Trentino region has over 1,500 km of cycling routes that you can explore for days. If you are short on time, we recommend renting electric bikes . Thanks to them, the range of trips will be several times longer - more kilometers mean more places that can be seen in one day. We went for a quick start via the Via del Ponale described above. We drove along route no. E6 Ponale , and then over Lago di Tenno along route no. 737 Lago di Tenno , which goes up almost all the time, on some asphalt and some gravel, between vineyards. While traversing this part of the route, you have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing view of Lake Garda .


At the very top you can relax and cool off in the lake for a while, and then recharge your muscles by eating some delicious pasta in one of the two restaurants next to the parking lot next to Lago di Tenno . The return is a quick descent on the other side of the valley, straight to Riva del Garda.

If you leave the house a little earlier than we did (we picked up our bikes only around 12 p.m.) and don't bathe in Lago di Tenno for too long, you will easily be able to reach one more place - Azienda Agricola Gino Pedrotti . You will get there along the picturesque asphalt path No. 4 The Sarca Valley and Lake Cavedine . It's the perfect place to end your cycling day. On site, you will have the opportunity to taste wine of their own production. Unfortunately, we ran out of time for this. We had to return the bikes by 7 p.m., and we arrived in Riva del Garda around 5:20 p.m. From there to Azienda it's about 20 km one way, so... Maybe next time.

We recommend eating a well-deserved dinner in Torbole , at Casa Beust . This is one of the most popular restaurants in this town, and we confirm it and tell you more about it here: Garda Trentino - a culinary trail .

Trip to Lago di Tenno

  • A trip around Lago di Tenno
  • Visiting the town of Canale di Tenno
  • Visiting Parco Grotta Cascata Varone
  • Dinner: Agritur Calvola

Garda Trentino is not only Lago di Garda, it is also a lot of small lakes north of Garda. We especially recommend going to Lago di Tenno, located high in the mountains. Its clear turquoise water will charm everyone at first sight. You can spend the whole day there - either relaxing, swimming, on a SUP board or on a water bike.


In the afternoon, be sure to visit the nearby town of Canale di Tenno . One of its attractions is the castle, from which you can admire a wonderful view of Lake Garda.

Finally, cool off at the Varone waterfall . Even though it's hidden in a cave, you won't have any problems finding it. Just follow the route leading through two caves (Grotta Inferiore and Grotta Superiore) to see a riot of colors. We guarantee that this will be the best attraction for children throughout the day. They will be delighted with the water spraying everywhere and the colors created by the lighting of the cave. If your cameras are not moisture resistant, it is better to leave them in the car. For those who are cold, we recommend taking a raincoat and something warmer to wear, because it is much, much colder there than outside. Plus it's wet and you have to be careful not to slip.


Once in this part of the mountain, it is best to have dinner at the Calvola agritourism farm , from where you can still enjoy the panorama of the city. This place is a must-visit. Why? We wrote about it in the above-mentioned article Garda Trentino - a culinary trail .

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