Holidays in Lido di Jesolo: in pursuit of sun and beauty

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When the holidays are fast approaching, our bodies, tired from the lack of sun, start asking for their own - that is, for a solid, natural dose of vitamin D. However, since the chances of getting it in our home country are decreasing from season to season, it is worth looking for the sunny side of relaxation. go to southern Europe. Or more precisely - to the joyful and carefree beaches of Northern Italy. Here, above the warm and clear waters of the Gulf of Venice, there is a narrow strip of sand full of romantic beaches and bays - the Lido di Jesolo Peninsula . This is a place whose location is second to none. While relaxing here, you can enjoy the proximity of Venice - the famous "City of Lovers" - and one of the most beautiful Renaissance cities in Europe - Padua and Verona . So if we dream of a great Italian holiday siesta, combining beach laziness and active sightseeing, camping in Italy , especially in the northern part, will be a hit!


For the love of beauty

The unique advantage of the Lido di Jesolo area is that visiting Venice , Padua or Verona does not even have to be planned - all three famous monuments of the city are within the reach of a one-day trip. A trip to each of these cities is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the Italian world built on love... for art. Just look at the sculptures of Donatello - a Renaissance chisel master - guarding the remains of Saint. Anthony in the famous Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua to understand how much importance Italians have always attached to beauty. When driving south from Padua, you must visit Verona , where you will find a tenement house where the most famous pair of lovers in the world - Romeo and Juliet - secretly met. From the "City of Lovers" it is only a step to the "City of Lovers" - Venice . It is an ideal place for afternoon walks along the canals - including the most famous one, the Grand Canal, which ends at the foot of St. Peter's Square, surrounded by Renaissance palaces. Brand . No visit to the city built on 117 islands will be complete without visiting the picturesque bridges spanning the banks of hundreds of canals. Those that are particularly popular are, of course, the Rialto, which delights with its richness of decorations, and the "Bridge of Sighs", connecting the Doge's Palace with the former prison building. It is worth ending your visit to Venice ... on the beach of the Lido di Jesolo Peninsula. This charming corner of the country is a land of pure relaxation, where you can soak up the sun's rays as much as you want, swimming in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea or simply basking in the hot, fine sand.

Campsites in Lido di Jesolo


Comfortable accommodation in Italy is a basic element that, if done well, will make our vacation more attractive. Travelers who value freedom and independence will appreciate the offer of campsites in Italy, which are among the best on the continent. Camping Village Cavallino definitely stands out in the vicinity of Venice - located among Mediterranean greenery, only 100 meters from one of the most charming, sandy beaches on the peninsula. This is a resort created for relaxation - by relaxing in a hot jacuzzi or making friends during a game of mini golf, you can discover the true meaning of the famous Italian dolce vita . If you want to stay in shape, just get on a mountain bike or kayak to explore the most charming corners of Lido di Jesolo. In the afternoon, it is worth focusing on integration - in the spacious swimming pool or... on the dance floor, where a team of animators ensures good fun to the rhythm of music. Every day should end with an Italian feast in a restaurant, during which we will go to the land of fancy Italian flavors.

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