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Italian dolce vita is one of the things that makes almost everyone melt away when you think about vacationing in Italy. A calm rhythm of life, blissful laziness and the ability to enjoy life - these are skills that the Italian nation has mastered to perfection. However, there is nothing to be charmed about - if we are looking for traces of dolce vita in the middle of the season, standing under the Leaning Tower of Pisa, we have little chance to find them. Everyone should remember that holidays in Italy in the middle of the tourist season - in summer and at the beginning of autumn - have more to do with the art of survival than relaxation. Therefore, for all amateurs of blissful rest and "slow" travel, who would like to feel the atmosphere of the real Italy without having to flee the crowds of tourists, we recommend a vacation in Liguria - one of the still undiscovered corners of Italy.

A small region with great, great charm

Holidays in Liguria have something to do with getting to know a lost world. After all, this region was one of the most important for Roman merchants and a large part of the wealth of the ships passing here went to the pocket of the local aristocracy, allowing the construction of palaces and villas. Today the charm remains - without a doubt, and it is best experienced in the capital of the region - Genoa .


Visiting Genoa has something of a journey back in time. When you stroll through this charming old town, which was once the most important port on the Mediterranean Sea , you can truly immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere. The historic center of the city, crisscrossed by hundreds of narrow streets - caruggi - is the largest in Europe, but it is easy to explore on foot. The wealth of the city is best admired by walking through the halls and chambers of the Palazzi dei Rolli palace, and by watching the power of Santa Maria di Castello - the Dominican monastery who for centuries almost co-ruled the city. Book an afternoon with a visit to the largest Aquarium in Europe, which is one of the most interesting attractions in the region. Tired of the city bustle? Then we invite you to the Ligurian province - to the village of Bussana Vecchia , an hour away from Genoa. It is a small town with hundreds of years of history - unfortunately, a powerful earthquake in the 19th century. century had almost razed it to the ground. Surprisingly, the surviving historic buildings that have survived have now found new owners - local artists who have turned Bussan Vecchia into a true oasis of art. The famous Cinque Terre National Park is another "must see" - five tiny fishing villages erected spectacularly on steep rock cliffs, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is worth ending a holiday in Liguria with blissful laziness in the seaside Portofino , which is the "capital of relaxation" and a well-known port for enthusiasts of yacht cruises. The best way to spend your free time is to enjoy the local gelato (traditional ice cream) - beware! nocciola , or those with a hazelnut flavor combined with an aromatic espresso, are addictive!


Campsites in Liguria

In order to truly appreciate the charm and atmosphere of the region, it is worth considering accommodation options. Accommodation in Liguria should allow us to commune with nature and provide peace and quiet, so necessary for relaxation. As much of the region's charm lies in its captivating countryside, camping overnight stays are one of the best options for many people.

Campsites in Liguria delight with their location and are known for their fantastic, almost family atmosphere. The lack of your own trailer is not a contraindication to staying at the campground - we can rent bungalows on site, the so-called "Mobile home" and sometimes even apartments. Camping Villaggio Turistico Arenella is at the forefront of the region. It is situated in the bosom of nature, near the charming beach. It is a great starting point from which you can visit, among others Cinque Terre. On site, each guest can enjoy local cuisine - within the campground there is a restaurant, bar, pizzeria and a shop full of fresh products. An additional advantage is the free connection to the nearest train station and the local beach!

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