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Caorle will meet the expectations of those who want to spend a holiday on the Italian coast and have access to all the comforts and attractions, but without the excessive commercialism that is present, for example, in Venice. Many consider it one of the most picturesque towns on the northern Adriatic coast.

Of all the resorts of Veneto, charming Caorle boasts the widest beach strips. Many of them are paid, but it is worth spending every euro to be able to rest there. They are well developed - there are numerous free showers, changing rooms and many bars where you can relax. More thrifty tourists can go to one of the equally beautiful free beaches.

The town's beaches are divided into two parts: Spiaggia di Levante and Spiaggia di Ponente . They are wide and very clean, which is confirmed not only by the opinions of many tourists, but also by the status of the Blue Flag. A seaside promenade runs along them, stretching between long rows of sun loungers and hotels. On a small hill between the beaches there is the Church of Our Lady with Child.

Colorful tenement houses in the old town

Caorle 's greatest pride, however, is not the beaches, but the wonderfully restored old town. In the historic center, we will see wide promenades, charming, colorful houses and a labyrinth of narrow streets where it is a pleasure to get lost. On the ground floor of the tenement houses there are numerous cafes, shops and bars, and upstairs - holiday apartments for rent.

All streets in the old town are closed to car traffic. Thanks to this, tourists can take a leisurely stroll, admiring the beauty of the building. The trip can be interrupted by a visit to one of the many wine bars, where for a few euros we will have a glass of local wine.

In the immediate vicinity of the old part of the city there is a marina with boats and yachts . Early bird tourists can watch fishermen at work as they prepare to set sail at dawn. Observers can see their life cycle in one day - in the afternoon they return from the sea and trade the fish they catch, then clean their boats and prepare their nets for the next busy day.

Campsite in Caorle

The resort is famous for its extensive accommodation base. Wealthier tourists choose exclusive hotels with swimming pools and restaurants with an exquisite menu located on the coast. Those who would prefer the self-catering option often choose to stay in apartments deep in Caorle. Their owners not only offer places at lower prices - they often also provide guests with free parking on the property.

Another option is camping - and there are plenty of those in the area. Tourists looking for this option will enjoy staying at Centro Vacanze Pra 'Delle Torri , a campsite open from 23/04 to 27/09. It is huge - it covers an area of 120 ha, offering guests green spaces and a whole lot of entertainment. It will appeal especially to families with children. The little ones will be delighted with the attractions of the auqapark and the variety of games and activities in the water.

A great advantage of Caorle is its excellent location, allowing easy access to other popular centers of the region. Several electric tourist trains run in the resort. Some bring people to fishing huts on the edge of the lagoon, others tour the old part of the city. Trains to Venice leave regularly from the nearby train station. The city of bridges and canals can also be reached by bus and by boat from the marina in the historic part of Caorle. They run to Venice, along the coast and to the lagoon. Motorized tourists, who still have little experience, can go to the nearby Duna Verde or Duna Rossa. Bibbione, Grado and Lido di Jesolo are also waiting to be explored.

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