The best campsites for families with children in Italy - part 1

The best campsites for families with children in Italy - part 1 – main image

Swimming pools, aqua parks, miniclubs, games rooms, mini disco, sports, art and music classes , as well as organized mountain trips, tournaments and various schools, e.g. swimming or sailing lessons... phew, these are just some of the attractions that await children during their camping holidays. in Italy. There are more and more places where children can take care of plants in the garden during their holidays, and it seems to me that more and more campsites are creating offers for families with children in terms of contact with nature, and I will start with these campsites.

Barco Reale – Italy, Tuscany, Lamporecchio


This campsite in the heart of Tuscany is small and very friendly to families with children , as can be seen from their entertainment program, which engages not only children, but entire families. Together with their parents, children can take part in painting competitions, look for treasures, take part in sports tournaments or cooking lessons.

At Barco Reale, children can also take part in gardening activities ! The campsite has its own vegetable garden, where children learn how to take care of crops, and at the end they will learn to make healthy meals from the vegetables and fruits they pick.

In addition, the campsite is a great base for exploring Tuscany, and in high season concerts are organized here.

Attractions for children at the Barco Reale campsite

There are animations for children every day at the campsite. One of the activities for children is taking care of the vegetable garden. There are two swimming pools and a playground.

Where to eat near Barco Reale?

There is a restaurant on the campsite where you can eat delicious local Tuscan food, but if you want to go to Lucca, for example, I especially recommend the Buca di Sant'Antonio restaurant in Lucca, known for its pasta dishes and typical dishes from the Lucca region

Seiser Alm– Italy, Dolomites, Völs am Schlern


The campsite is located in the Dolomites just below the great Schlern massif. It will certainly appeal to families who like active holidays , because straight from the campsite you can access mountain and bicycle trails . Many trails are thematic, e.g. the geological trail or the "Path of Legends" saga trail. In summer you can swim in the nearby lake, and in winter you can enjoy walks in the snow or go cross-country skiing or skiing at the nearby Seiser Alm ski resort. Just for skiing, because the campsite is year-round , or maybe almost year-round, except for November and December.

Attractions for children in Seiser Alm

Camping Seiser Alm has a wonderful wooden playground and a small zoo with animals such as rabbits, goats and pigs. There are animations throughout the year, as well as organized activities such as joint trips to the forest and mountains, art classes and even climbing classes. There is also a saltwater swimming pool - open from Easter until approximately October 15, with a water temperature of 27-29°.

Each camping guest receives a Sudtirol Alto Adige Guest Pass card, which allows you to use public transport (trains, buses and ski lifts) in South Tyrol. I highly recommend taking a trip on the Ritten Narrow Gauge Railway .

Caravan Park Sexten – Italy, Dolomites, Sexten


Caravan Park Sexten is also located in the Dolomites - quite high up like the previous one on our list. Take something warm to wear because even in summer it can be cool in the evenings. Here you can also join the hiking and cycling trail straight from the campsite, and in winter, one of the trails next to the campsite turns into a ski slope, which takes you straight to the gondolas.

The campsite renovated its swimming pool complex in 2019. It is so unique that you will not find another one like it in Europe and not only children will like it. The water in the pools is 31°C in the main pool and up to 34°C in the paddling pool, where there is sand and sand toys! Teenagers over the age of 14 can use the saunas, but younger children can also enter the sauna twice a week at certain times.

The campsite has a great playroom open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. all year round. During this time, the children are under the care of an animator who organizes various workshops every day, and at 4 p.m., together with the children, they choose a film to watch in the cinema room. There is a games room next to the playroom.

There is also a climbing wall for children at the campsite.

Where to eat in Drei Zinnen?

The campsite has its own restaurant and pizzeria, but unfortunately there is no children's corner. There is a Zin Fux shelter nearby, which you can reach on foot from the campsite.

Bella Italia – Italy, Lake Garda, Peschiera del Garda


The next two campsites on the list are the large 5* Family Parks nad Garda . Both guarantee high quality, proximity to the lake and great aqua parks.

Bella Italia has direct access to the lake and its own small, pebbly beach. You can also rent pedal boats or kayaks here. It has a swimming pool complex with slides and a water playground . It also has several small normal playgrounds. The pools are both deep and shallow, there are also slides and other water attractions. Next to the pools there is a beach area with sand and another on grass. Right next to the swimming pools there is a cafe with an ice cream parlor with a spray park , and right next to the cafe there is a stage with a roof where all-day animations for children and an evening mini disco take place.

Where to eat near Bella Italia?

The campsite has a very good restaurant and pizzeria with a beautiful view of the lake. If you want to eat outside the campsite, there is a very good restaurant, Vecchio Mulino Beach, a few steps from the campsite gate by the lake.

Attractions for children in the Bella Italia area

If you go towards Mantova, we recommend visiting the Sigurta botanical park. Children of all ages will love a trip to the Gardaland theme park or Canevaworld water park .

Piani di Clodia – Italy, Lake Garda, Lazise


Camping Piani di Clodia has the largest swimming pool complex among all the campsites on Lake Garda. There are as many as 7 of them and at least 2 of them are open in the low season (e.g. on May Day). This water park has as many as 8 large slides, 6 slides for smaller children, 3 jacuzzis and two rushing rivers with an artificial stream. The campsite also has its own pebbly beach by the lake.

Attractions for children in Piani di Clodia

The campsite has pitches for football, volleyball (beach and normal), basketball, tennis and table tennis. There is also a gym at the campsite. A group of animators organizes all-day activities for children, and also organizes themed events such as Color Run , in which all participants are sprinkled with colored powder.

Where to eat near Piani di Clodia?

There are 3 restaurants on the campsite, a pizzeria and a takeaway bar. In addition, there are several bars near the pools. In Lazise or nearby Pacengo di Lazise you will find plenty of good restaurants, e.g. Locanda Gallehus with a beautiful garden from which you can admire the sunsets.

Attractions for children in the Piani di Clodia area

As I wrote earlier, we recommend seeing the Sigurta botanical park, Gardaland amusement park or Canevaworld water park .

You can find more five-star campsites on Garda in our article 5-star campsites - Lake Garda .

Centro Vacanze Pra delle Torri – Italy, Venice Lagoon, Caorle


Pre'delle Torri is the first campsite by the sea on our list. In fact, it's not even a camping site , but a small town that has everything you could need during your vacation. However, I must immediately point out that this campsite in Italy is huge (120 ha), so not everyone will like it, but if you are looking for good quality and lots of attractions, this place is for you. The campsite has a great swimming pool complex, which will be expanded with an aqua park with slides in the coming years 2020-2021. Currently, this water park is divided into two parts, at least one of which is always open, even in April or May. In one part you will find a heated water playground in the shape of a pirate ship, which small children will surely love! In this part there are also two deep pools, while in the second part (open in high season) there are more water lagoons and several small slides.

The campsite has a free Activity Park, i.e. a skate park , parkour zone, climbing and bouldering zone, slack-line, as well as a music-making zone and a chill room for teenagers. In addition, there are several playgrounds, and an additional (paid) Luna Park is open in the evenings from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. All pitches and tennis courts are free of charge. You can also learn to shoot a bow under the supervision of instructors. But you can also rent bikes, play boules and badminton. Also worth mentioning is a great mini golf course. This campground is located next to great full-size golfing areas, so it is a good place for families who are fascinated by this sport.

Does Camping Pra delle Torri have its own beach?

The campsite is located directly next to a wide sandy beach. The campsite also has its own water equipment rental and schools, e.g. windsurfing.

Where to eat near Pra delle Torri?

There are restaurants and pizzerias with delicious food on the campsite, but if you want to eat "the best pizza in the world", 3 km from the campsite there is Pizzeria Brian, which apparently serves such pizza.

Union Lido – Italy, Venetian Lagoon, Cavallino-Treporti


Union Lido is also a huge Family Park. On the area of 60 hectares there is a water park , an amusement park, various sports fields, and in all these places a professional group of animators will take care of organized games.

The water park in Union Lido has an area of 10,000 m² and, in addition to slides, there are also water lagoons with a safe surface for children, a swimming pool with artificial waves and new spray parks, i.e. water playgrounds. All swimming pools are open all season long and most of them have heated water, including the Olympic swimming pool and the water playground, and of course the swimming pools with slides are also heated.

The campsite also has its own small Funny World amusement park , which is expanded every year. There are small rollercoasters, go-karts, a games room, etc.

Clubs for children of all ages

Baby Club for babies up to 2 years old. This is an Activity Park, entry to which requires a one-time fee of EUR 12, which in turn is donated entirely to charity.

Mini Club for children aged 3 to 6 years. In this club, children have already planned specific activities and attractions, such as: face painting, cooking classes, painting classes, and exactly what I mentioned at the very beginning - garden activities .

Maxi Club for children aged 7 to 12. There are already a lot of sports activities in this club. Football, tennis, basketball and volleyball tournaments. There are also swimming and archery classes under the supervision of an instructor. The campsite also organizes a talent show, and for teenagers over 16 years of age there is a disco at PiñaColada Disco Bar.

Does Union Lido have direct access to the beach?

There are two play areas on the beach for children, and the campsite is located directly on the beach. Additionally, the campsite offers windsurfing, SUP and even diving classes. Older children may enjoy horse riding courses .

Where to eat near Union Lido?

There are several places at the campsite where you can eat or drink something. The campsite also offers gluten-free dishes in several restaurants and pizzerias. If you want to eat something outside the campsite, we highly recommend Rristorante Alla Fattoria right next to the campsite. They have great service and delicious food.

Albatros Park – Italy, Tuscany, San Vincenzo


I would recommend this Italian campsite mainly to families with small children . Older ones will certainly not be bored here, but most attractions are for children. The best among them are certainly swimming pools with a soft surface, where they can safely play, climb and slide down a small slide. However, there are no large and long slides that can be found at other campsites with real aqua parks. It is worth adding that there is one heated swimming pool in the swimming pool complex, which can also be indoors in case of bad weather.

Albatros Park is located quite close to the coast, but you have to walk about 1 km to it. However, there are many beaches and they stretch for 10 km from Piombino to San Vincenzo. Every day in high season, an electric train transports camping guests to two selected beaches. It is worth taking bicycles or scooters with you to get to the beach faster, but also to move around the campsite more easily.

Older children will love the rope park suspended in the tall trees of the pine forest in the heart of which this campsite is located. There is a bicycle rental service at the campsite. Below the rope park there is a large playground and a mini club where children can, for example, make a pizza. Next to the playground there are evening animations and a mini disco. In high season, a mini disco takes place on the main stage by the pools.

Where to eat near Park Albatros?

Good food is available at the campsite and you can choose from several restaurants and pizzerias, but there are several restaurants close to the campsite that are open after 7 p.m. You can walk to them.

Norcenni Girasole– Italy, Tuscany, Figline Valdarno


Camping Norcenni Girasole is situated on terraces in the Chianti hills. Of course, it is far from the sea, but it has plenty of attractions for children and teenagers, which will certainly compensate for the lack of a beach at the campsite. When it comes to swimming pools, the campsite has not one, but two swimming pool complexes! One is located at the foot of the campsite and the other at its top. In 2018, several new attractions were created at the swimming pools, but most importantly, the water treatment system was renovated. There is one deep swimming pool in the lower part of the campsite. Next to this pool there is one quite small slide for children and another shallower pool where aqua-aerobics classes are usually held, as well as two paddling pools with small slides. A big advantage compared to other campsites is that the campsite has a swimming pool with heated water and covered with a movable glass roof, which allows you to play in the water despite the colder days. In the upper part of the campsite there are more swimming pools with a soft surface, a lazy-river slide with large inflatable rings and a water playground.

The campsite has several small playgrounds, a games room, a rope park and trampolines, animations, and a mini club. The campsite has football, tennis and volleyball fields, ping-pong tables and a mini golf course. The campsite also offers trips for the whole family to the nearby agritourism farm Villa la Palagina, where parents can taste local olive oil and wine, and children

Where to eat at Norcenni Girasole campsites?

There is a restaurant at the campsite, Il Vecchio, which was founded over 50 years ago and once operated next to the campsite, but as the campsite grew, it incorporated the restaurant into its offer. We especially recommend eating beef here (Bistecca a'la Fiorentina).

Le Cappanne – Italy, Tuscany, Bibbona

Camping Le Cappanne is a perfect place for families with small children . It also has great sports facilities. Volleyball, football and tennis courts, as well as aqua-aerobics and a wellness program, but one by one, because there are so many attractions that I have to divide them into several groups.

Activities for children at Le Cappanne campsite

The campsite has its own mascot - Freddy the penguin, who appears in many places, for example, we have Freddy's playroom, but also mobile homes with his name, which include, among others. PS4 game console. There is also Freddy Land, i.e. playrooms for children of all ages. For little ones there is a room with toys and a soft surface, for older people there is a cinema room and a games room. There are rooms where art classes are organized, as well as a Lego room! The campsite also has a full-size Pinocchio's house, which can be visited with a guide several times a week.

Beautiful new swimming pools with soft ground, bridges, slide and waterfalls. There is a playground with a bouldering wall , go-kart rental and mini golf.

Where to eat near Le Cappanne campsite?

There is a restaurant at the campsite where you can eat delicious local Tuscan food , but if you want to go to, for example, Vinci, I especially recommend the La Burra di Vinci restaurant or Agriturismo il Piastrino, where for just €20 you can have dinner, which consists of with anti pasto, main course and wine and olive oil from this agritourism farm.

Other campsites ideal for families with children

It is impossible to list all the cool campsites for families with children in Italy in one article. That's why another article in this series was created, which you can read here: The best campsites for families with children in Italy - part 2 .


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