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In the rhythm of flamenco

Stretching between the beaches of the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz and the mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada, Spanish Andalusia is one of the most fascinating regions in the world. It was desirable for centuries - by Phoenicians and Ottomans - today, thanks to their presence, its cities and towns are full of traces of the heritage of these ancient cultures. Andalusia is also a region with character - in the evenings, the streets and restaurants are ruled by fiery flamenco , which is tapped out with the heels of women and men dancing in memory. Each holiday in Andalusia means that we immerse ourselves for a short time in the world of music, open mountain spaces and singing that accompanies people living here almost at every step. So if we go on a journey through this amazing region, we must be ready for one thing - it will charm us forever!.

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Holidays under the Three-Headed Dragon

Slovenia is one of the least known and still relatively rarely visited Alpine countries. It is small, even intimate, and from its capital - Ljubljana - you can get to the other end of the country in just a few hours. Holidays in Slovenia are, above all, an encounter with unbridled mountain nature and ancient history, firmly rooted to this day in the local tradition. The first thing that catches your eye after landing or arriving in Ljubljana is the surprising contrast between history and modernity at almost every step. The streets of the old town that run in all directions are lined with modern buildings - no wonder, despite the rich history dating back several thousand years, Slovenia is today a rapidly developing European country. So, if we are planning to spend our next vacation in Slovenia, it is worth visiting places that will allow us to touch both the fascinating culture of this country and come face to face with wild nature.

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Sardinia - escape towards relaxation

Hot Italian summer invites you to spend a carefree holiday in the homeland of Dante, Leonardo da Vinci and ... the best cuisine in the world. However, like many other friends, I started this year's vacation plans in sunny Italy by asking myself a serious question: do I really want to choke in queues to the Colosseum again, watch tourists posing in the same pose under the tower in Pisa or, What's even worse, being stuck in the traffic jams of Naples? The answer was: in life! Therefore, at the beginning of July, I set off for the turquoise waters of Sardinia, one of the most fascinating islands in Southern Italy . Here, surrounded by sandy beaches and "littered" with massive granite rocks, I was about to spend a dream and long deserved vacation - in the quiet and mesmerizing province of Gallura in the north of Sardinia.

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A journey deep into the flavors at the foot of the Pyrenees

Many tourists associate holidays in France with Paris, the Eiffel Tower and rest on the world-famous Cote d'Azur. Most places in this country have become so popular with mass tourists that people looking for an opportunity to learn about French culture and history have difficulty finding places that are still "not trodden". One such place is the Midi-Pyrenees region. Although it is one of the largest in the country, it cannot boast of magnificent palaces - but it will surely delight with medieval Qatar castles. It is also a region for those who like to explore new places from the inside - literally and figuratively. Where should we start our vacation in the Midi-Pyrenees so that we can spend our time there as interesting as possible? Certainly in Toulouse - a city that once inspired artists, and today ... aviation engineers!.

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Lake Garda - a water paradise in the heart of the Alps

What a Bella Italia! - you can shout while watching the approaching Lake Garda - one of the most recognizable icons of Italy. Its clear waters, beaches stretching along the shores and fresh mountain air attract travelers from all over the world every season - including Poles. On site, tourists are enchanted by the panorama of towns crouched in the shadow of the majestic Trentino Alps , which, surprisingly, in the 21st century. century still retain their historical character. Passing winding serpentines around the surface of the lake glistening in the summer sun, it is difficult to focus on the road - everyone can be distracted by unforgettable views of the stone defensive towers, domes of temples and roofs of hundreds of houses covered with burnt tiles ...

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Costa Smeralda - romantic holidays

Costa Smeralda - "Emerald Coast" - is a romantic term for one of the most stunning regions of Italian Sardinia. It fully reflects the character of a place that attracts thousands of tourists and ... celebrities looking for world-class beaches and seaside attractions at the highest level. This part of northern Sardinia, seducing with kilometers of sandy coast, is perfect for a romantic getaway just for two. It's hard to resist Mediterranean magic by dipping your feet in the fine sand of the most famous beach on the coast - La Cinta. Sitting on this narrow piece of land that cuts deep into the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, you can admire from a distance the winged paradise of the nearby lagoon, full of colorful, singing birds.

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Adventure in Catalonia

Catalonia is undoubtedly one of the most interesting regions of Spain. Catalans are proud people who love to emphasize their cultural and linguistic distinctiveness at every step ... and also to boast about the wealth of their "little homeland". Unfortunately, to get to know this unique place on the world map, you need to spend some time here - Catalonia itself consists of several very different provinces and you can spend a few weeks in each one. Therefore, a great idea for people planning a vacation in Catalonia will be to spend a vacation in only one of them. Thanks to spending more time there, we will be able to get to know it really well - both people and their traditions. So where is the best place to start your great Catalan vacation? For example - in Girona.

Emerald Coast - Sardinia's most precious gem – image 1
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Emerald Coast - Sardinia's most precious gem

Have you always dreamed of a perfect vacation in Italy, but have been terrified by the visions of kilometer-long queues, artificially inflated prices and urban chaos? If so, you can breathe a sigh of peace - sunny Italy is much more than big cities. It is also the enchanted world of Mediterranean islands, among which the smallest Sardinia is the most beautiful. Its charm has been successfully seducing for years. Its northern coast, full of perfect sandy beaches, has become a real hit with tourists and celebrities all over the world. The 50-kilometer coastal strip stretching on both sides of the town of Arzacheno, thanks to the unique color of sea water, has been called the Costa Smeralda - "Emerald Coast". And it is here that it is worth going in search of the perfect vacation - among the luxurious estates, yachts and resorts you can discover the fascinating life of the real Sardinia - not only on the surface ...

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In the world of wrecks and octopuses - diving holidays in Croatia

The slogan "vacation in Croatia" has been illuminating the faces of tourists for over a decade, chasing the sun and having fun. And it is hardly surprising - the Balkan culture, known for its eternal readiness to play, toasts and sing, perfectly meshes with ours. Therefore, just like our parents in the early 1990s, we also always land on the Adriatic in the height of summer and the hottest heat to vent the energy accumulated all year round behind our desk. Since we have visited all the Balkan cities, forts and remains of Roman cities over the years, we decided to spend this unique summer not on classic sightseeing, but on exploring the secrets of the sea depths. As an underwater adventurer, we chose Losinj as our diving base - probably the best place in this part of Europe for lovers of undersea adventures.

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Trieste: on the trail of ancient Romans and Austrian emperors

We stood on the port coast of Trieste, breathless with delight. Before our eyes, Friulia Venezia was awakening from a night's sleep - one of the most charming corners of Europe. Trieste was on the route of our Italian journey for a reason - this ancient port was for centuries one of the most important metropolises of the continent. This is where East and West met. Closing our eyes and listening to the sound of the waves of the Gulf of Trieste, we heard the crackling of the boats that landed here, carrying on board innumerable riches - gold, silk and precious spices. Opening our eyes, we saw an equally impressive panorama - hundreds of stylish yachts and catamarans mooring opposite Barcol, an elegant seaside boulevard and one of the city's icons. Everywhere we looked, Trieste surprised us with the splendor of architecture that is the legacy of two powerful empires: ancient Rome and the 19th century Austro-Hungary.

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Great Sardinia of Little Travelers

A family holiday in Sardinia is a way to make the dreams of every family member come true - regardless of age. The island, known for its diverse landscape, delicious cuisine and a solar-energy lifestyle, is perfect for the first trip with your children. Perhaps Sardinia owes its family-friendly climate to mild temperatures, which, thanks to the sea breeze, are never bothersome. Or maybe - hundreds (if not thousands) of beaches whose waters are insanely clear, warm and shallow, thanks to which the youngest travelers can safely discover the underwater world. Perhaps, however, the whole secret lies in the approach of local resorts to children - who are treated here as full-fledged guests who deserve the highest quality care and ... entertainment!.

Holidays in Lido di Jesolo: in pursuit of sun and beauty – image 1
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Holidays in Lido di Jesolo: in pursuit of sun and beauty

When the holiday is fast approaching, our bodies, tired of the lack of sun, begin to ask for their own - that is, a solid, natural dose of vitamin D. However, since the chances of catching it in the home country decrease more and more, it is worth looking for the sunny side of rest go to the south of Europe. More precisely - over the joyful and carefree beaches of Northern Italy . Here, on the warm and clear waters of the Gulf of Venice, there is a narrow strip of sand full of romantic beaches and bays - the Lido di Jesolo peninsula . It is a place whose location is second to none. While relaxing here, you can enjoy the proximity of Venice - the famous "City of Lovers" - and one of the most beautiful Renaissance cities in Europe - Padua and Verona . So if we dream of a great Italian holiday siesta, combining beach laziness and active sightseeing, a holiday in Northern Italy will be a shot at 10!.