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Stretching between the beaches of the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz and the mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada, Spanish Andalusia is one of the most fascinating regions in the world. It was desirable for centuries - by Phoenicians and Ottomans - today, thanks to their presence, its cities and towns are full of traces of the heritage of these ancient cultures. Andalusia is also a region with character - in the evenings, the streets and restaurants are ruled by fiery flamenco , which is tapped out with the heels of women and men dancing in memory. Each holiday in Andalusia means that we immerse ourselves for a short time in the world of music, open mountain spaces and singing that accompanies people living here almost at every step. So if we go on a journey through this amazing region, we must be ready for one thing - it will charm us forever!

Between the seas and the mountain tops

Holidays in Andalusia are a real adventure and an opportunity to meet unique culture. It is worth starting exploring this region in Cadiz - according to many, it is considered the oldest city in Europe, which was inhabited by militant Phoenician sailors about 3000 years ago. The oldest part of the city is surrounded by huge walls that remember the ancient times - it is worth spending a quiet morning here to "soak up" with the climate. A must see when visiting the city is the beautiful Cathedral - and more specifically its North Tower . Although climbing to its top takes some time, the panorama of the city that we will see after reaching the place will reward us with a vengeance. However, all the historical attractions of Cadiz pale at the Carnaval - because it is the annual period of dancing and entertainment between the New Year and Lent that attracts the most tourists here. And no wonder - it is the third biggest carnival in the world! Eating in Andalusia is equally important - this region is famous for the best seafood on the continent, which is prepared here in the simplest way - cooked in lightly salted water. Countless species of fish and shellfish show up at the local bazaar every day - it's worth coming early in the morning to buy the best. The most delicious and especially recommended are: lubina (sea bass), sea bream (sea bream) or puntillitas ( young octopus fried in dough). If you want to change the charms of the Andalusian coast for a mountain adventure, all you need to do is head east to reach the Sierra Nevada massif after 4 hours. Mountain tourism reigns supreme here both in summer and winter. For the most able-bodied, it will be an amazing experience to climb the highest peak in continental Spain - Mulhacen (3479 m above sea level) . Those who prefer a less active effort can enjoy equally wonderful views of the mountain peaks ... from the picturesque valleys.

Campsites in Andalusia

In order to have the greatest satisfaction with the trip, it is worth thinking carefully which accommodation in Andalusia will be the best for us. If we do not like anonymous holiday resorts or soulless hotels, we can decide ... camping! Yes, camping in Andalusia has more and more fans and this way of traveling is becoming more and more fashionable. Camping la Roselda is one of the best in the region - a real gem! Located charmingly right next to a warm, sandy beach, it offers its guests a wonderful atmosphere. On hot days, everyone can cool down in the swimming pool, and in winter - use the sauna. On site you can enjoy Andalusian cuisine in the restaurant, or stock up on fresh ingredients and prepare your own meals. There is also something extra for the youngest guests: every day a super brigade of professional animators is waiting for all the kids to be drawn into a circle of crazy fun!

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