Lake Garda - a water paradise in the heart of the Alps

Lake Garda - a water paradise in the heart of the Alps – main image

What a Bella Italia! - you can shout while watching the approaching Lake Garda - one of the most recognizable icons of Italy. Its clear waters, beaches stretching along the shores and fresh mountain air attract travelers from all over the world every season - including Poles. On site, tourists are enchanted by the panorama of towns crouched in the shadow of the majestic Trentino Alps , which, surprisingly, in the 21st century. century still retain their historical character. Passing winding serpentines around the surface of the lake glistening in the summer sun, it is difficult to focus on the road - everyone can be distracted by unforgettable views of the stone defensive towers, domes of temples and roofs of hundreds of houses covered with burnt tiles ...

A magical alpine province

Holidays on Lake Garda are an opportunity to get to know Italy from the side of a magical province, steeped in an alpine climate. Almost every town here is a separate architectural gem, worth visiting. During the trip around the shores of Garda, you can learn about the medieval (and bloody!) Secrets of the knights inhabiting the chambers of Sirmione Castle , which was built on a small, isolated peninsula in the southern part of the lake. Being here, it is worth letting yourself be seduced by history even more and explore the ancient secrets of the Romans, hidden in the ruins of the Grotte dei Catullo villa.


Coming from Sirmione to the north, be sure to stop in the small Malcesine , where it is enough to board the gondola cable car, and after a dozen or so minutes of ride and panoramic views of the alpine mountains, you will stand on the top of Montebaldo (1750 m) . Of course, mountain hikes and historic walks are not all that the Lake Garda area has to offer. After all, it is one of the few places in the world where, surrounded by sky-high peaks, you can throw yourself into the embrace of water madness! Aquaparks and swimming pool complexes are one of the favorite local attractions, providing a solid dose of fun - the famous Gardaland Aquapark is a place where you can successfully spend a whole day (or even two!), Relaxing in the jacuzzi and saunas, or sliding down at dizzying speed on numerous slides and ... water roller-coasters.

Camping on Lake Garda


Accommodation at Lake Garda is a key element of any trip to this picturesque corner of Italy. When planning a vacation here, it is worth focusing on mobility and exploring the surrounding area on your own. Traveling by car, even in the demanding mountain terrain, will allow you to fully enjoy alpine landscapes. Accommodation at one of the many campsites on Lake Garda will be a great solution for tourists who want to be independent during their vacation, use the most modern technological amenities, but also ... enjoy the silence and the majesty of nature. Belonging to the Baia Holiday chain, Camping Village la Gardiola is a small campsite that meets all these conditions - and more! Located only 200 meters from the shores of the lake and the romantic pebble beach, it is a place where undisturbed relaxation plays a major role. A professional team of animators ensures that guests are provided with an appropriate dose of entertainment, which effectively avoids the specter of boredom. A restaurant, a grocery store and a traditional pizzeria within walking distance are places where in the evenings everyone can experience the depth of the tastes of famous Italian cuisine. On site, you can also eat to your heart's content - the fast food bar serving filling dishes will satisfy every small and big hunger. You don't really need much to keep in shape - just take advantage of the possibility of swimming in a guarded bathing area or riding mountain trails on an MTB bike, or ... try your hand at horse riding to burn unnecessary calories.

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