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Costa Smeralda - "Emerald Coast" - is a romantic term for one of the most stunning regions of Italian Sardinia. It fully reflects the character of a place that attracts thousands of tourists and ... celebrities looking for world-class beaches and seaside attractions at the highest level. This part of northern Sardinia, seducing with kilometers of sandy coast, is perfect for a romantic getaway just for two. It's hard to resist Mediterranean magic by dipping your feet in the fine sand of the most famous beach on the coast - La Cinta. Sitting on this narrow piece of land that cuts deep into the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, you can admire from a distance the winged paradise of the nearby lagoon, full of colorful, singing birds.

The art of emerald relaxation

Holidays on the Costa Smeralda are an opportunity for a relaxing break on the beach and ... an even more relaxing break on the beach. And, although it sounds monotonous, it is not so - the pieces of the sandy coast, separated by small coves, differ in character and popularity, and you can easily spend a week looking for the one and only one of your dreams. The wide and long Liscia Ruia , perfect for long walks and known for the views of the green silhouettes of the islands of Soffi and Mortorio?


Or maybe a small Cappriccioli , separating guests from the world with a row of olive trees and pines, which emit aromatic fragrances? In its shallow, crystal clear waters, they can safely explore the underwater world of snorkeling. Maybe finally the delightful location among the sand dunes of Pevero, from which carefree sunbathers can look out for the mighty silhouettes of yachts? Regardless of the choice, each of them provides tourists with a blissful holiday, which is an inseparable element of a holiday on the Costa Smeralda and ... every romantic holiday! And if, for a change, you feel like meeting the rich history and culture of Sardinia, just get in the car and go to Caglilari, 3 hours away. This small capital of Sardinia will delight us at every step: the white walls of the Bastione di Saint Remy fortress, the sea and land panorama from the top of the Torre dell'Elefante tower or the secrets of the chambers of the medieval castle of San Michele.

Campsites in Sardinia


The small town of Sardinia is perfect for an independent holiday on board your own camper or car. In order to appreciate all the advantages of this Mediterranean island, it is worth considering not only the sightseeing route, but also the accommodation during the trip. The campsites in Sardinia offer the best opportunity to experience the beauty of the Costa Smeralda area. Among many of them, in terms of the level of service and available amenities, the Centro Vacanze Insuledda campsite, part of the Baia Holiday campsite chain, is particularly recommended. It is one of the largest and most appreciated camping sites in Sardinia, located right on the coast and therefore loved by tourists for morning and evening panoramas. Regardless of the favorite form of accommodation, each guest will find accommodation for themselves. Spacious bungalows, rooms with bathrooms, campers or traditional tents - the place provides safety and comfort in each of them. The camping itself is always full of positive energy and fun, providing animations and evening activities for young and old during the day, and in the evenings - romantic meetings with a glass of Chianti in one of the many restaurants and bars. Active travelers will find their own piece of paradise here: the clear waters of the Sardinian Sea are perfect for snorkeling, sailing and diving, and the nearby La Maddalena archipelago is a dream destination for hiking and biking adventures. It is worth being here and enjoying the magic of the Emerald Coast - Sardinia's most precious gem!

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