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Italy is an everyday spectacle in which nature plays the main role. It's no wonder that many campsites offer glamping accommodation in addition to pitches for a camper or tent. Today we would like to take you to several interesting places in sunny Italy, encouraging you to relax in this form. If you have already learned about this type of tourism and have your favorite place , be sure to add it in the comment.

We invite you to glamping in Italy .

After clicking on the name of the campsite in the header or its photo, a page will open (in our campsite search engine or on Google) where all the details are provided. Address, website, telephone number and sample prices. There will also be plenty of opinions that will certainly help you choose the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday by the sea or inland.

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Camping Barco Reale - Lamporecchio, Tuscany


A place in the heart of Tuscany , beloved by tourists, located on the Montalbano hills and surrounded by forest. Such a place invites you to commune with nature and go glamping. This campsite offers comfortable Safari tents with a bedroom, own kitchen and bathroom. Beautiful wooden equipment harmonizes perfectly with the surrounding forest.

While living in tents in the heart of nature, you can also use the restaurant, shop in a mini market, rent mountain bikes and go on a sightseeing trip.

Glamping Village Orlando in Chianti – Cavriglia, Tuscany


The campsite offers interesting glamping accommodation . Small, two-story tents only for couples or multi-story tents for a family of 6. They all have a modern look and equipment. Elegant finishing, your own bathroom and kitchen are a luxury that is often missing in an ordinary tent.

Of course, Glamping Village Orlando offers additional attractions. Heated swimming pools, jacuzzi and water lagoon with a soft, non-slip bottom. A beach with sun loungers to enjoy peace and beautiful sunshine while children play with animators. Guests will also enjoy culinary experiences. Glamping will be served in a restaurant with excellent Italian food and ice cream. It also offers organized tours of Chianti vineyards with the possibility of tasting wine and local food.


As the name suggests, this campsite is located in the Chianti hills . It will certainly appeal to lovers of bird watching, but also to those willing to go hiking and cycling in the surrounding hills, as there is a famous bicycle route nearby - Eroica.

Camping Village Cavallino – Cavallino, Veneto


Another beautiful place in Italy just steps from Venice. Located on the Cavallino coast and surrounded by pine forest. Here we can choose between small, cozy tents and larger ones with their own bathroom.

It is worth remembering that although not all tents have a private bathroom, you can use the shared bathroom available to the Camping guests.

Camping Village Cavallino also offers a jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym, entertainment with animators and mini golf. An additional attraction is the sandy beach with sun loungers provided for guests.

Holidays in Italy also include local cuisine, which is also abundant here.

Camping Village Le Pianacce – Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany


At this campsite we have various variations of tent equipment that can offer us interesting experiences of communing with nature. Additionally, natural finishes, kitchen and bathroom will ensure comfort and convenience. Glamping XXL - These are large 9-person tents and one of the few glamping sites that offer tents with bathrooms, a veranda and a jacuzzi. Additionally, two bedrooms that can accommodate 5 people and a mezzanine with 4 beds.

An attraction worth using at the campsite is the swimming pool and a real paradise for children - Pianacce Spray Park. It is a place full of life and great humor.

Camping Village Le Pianacce also offers the taste of Tuscan cuisine, the smell of fresh bread and long conversations with pizza in the main role. It is a place surrounded by beauty, fresh air and clean beaches that pamper all the senses.

International Camping Etruria - Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany


Another amazing glamping site located in the dense forest of Tuscany .

9 different tents from 2 to 9 people. Some tents do not have bathrooms (Kenya, Adventure and Atomo), but this is not an obstacle. You can't take your pet everywhere. Only in the Kenya tent you can stay with your dog.


This holiday can be special. You can also rent a hanging tent (Atomo Tent) at the campsite. Even if you live in a camper, renting such a tent for at least one night will be great fun for children.

Il Campeggio di Capalbio – Capalbio, Tuscany


This is camping at a high level. The tents are pitched just a few meters from the beach and the sea. They have a kitchen and bathroom, single and double bedrooms. The tents at Campeggio di Capalbio also have their own terraces equipped with comfortable garden furniture and a minibar. You can't deny yourself such a holiday .

In addition, the surrounding nature, greenery accompanied by the beach and the sound of the waves.


Of course, campsite guests can use all the facilities, including tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, playgrounds and ping-pong tables.

Camping Maremma Sans Souci - Castiglione della Pescaia, Tuscany


Tuscany is a magical place, and glamping allows you to be part of it. The campsite offers exclusive, cozy tents, for example for two people, where you will find a functional room with a view of the sky. For larger families, Big Country Lodge offers a comfortable double bedroom and rooms with single beds. Additionally, a bathroom with a shower, an equipped kitchenette and a beautiful terrace.

Glamor tents are erected among the trees near the beach and around Parco della Maremma, a protected area where you can meet wild animals and fascinating plants.

Camping Village Rosselba le Palme – Portoferraio, Elba


Who wouldn't want to spend their vacation on an island? Every nature lover will find something for themselves there. The magic of tropical trees in the nearby botanical garden, trails for young explorers, nights under the stars, all surrounded by the blue sea.

Glam tents are great fun for the whole family or a group of friends. The campsite also has Adventure tents for couples, where a comfortable double bed, an additional fridge and an outdoor table will ensure a romantic adventure.


However, large two-room tents will accommodate the most demanding families. A bathroom and an equipped kitchen with a stove for cooking are a luxury that is certainly missing on a classic camping trip.

Additionally, glamping guests can enjoy all the attractions that Camping Village Rosselba le Palme has to offer. Animations for children, swimming pools with lanes, water playgrounds for children are just a drop in the ocean of good entertainment.

Tiliguerta Camping Village – Muravera, Sardinia


Sardinia , a rocky island hiding a lot of secrets. A beautiful place in the Mediterranean Sea that encourages adventure. In the small town of Muravera in the south-east, its guests are spoiled with many attractions at Tuliguerta Camping Village , offering a multitude of active attractions and many pleasures for the soul and body, such as Ayurvedic treatments and yoga.

The campsite also has a pizzeria, restaurant, bar and supermarket that serves regional cuisine to guests of beautiful glamping sites.

It is a huge area, filled with nature, attractions and many adventures. There are no typical glamping tents on offer, but it definitely has a glamping atmosphere, and that's what it's all about!

Campeggio Villaggio Weekend – Lake Garda


Lombardy, a beautiful land with Lake Garda, loved by tourists. The campsite offers glamping tents surrounded by olive and palm trees, which make them look exotic. Furnished tents are waiting for guests holidaying in Italy , offering them many attractions for children and adults.


On site, you can stock up on groceries, prepare a picnic in the bosom of nature, and those who like regional delicacies can be accommodated in a restaurant, bar or pizzeria.

Lovers of long walks will certainly be delighted with the beautiful views of the lake surrounded by mountains.

Villaggio La Pescaccia - Calabria


60 m2, huge patio and hot tub. Such a luxurious tent is waiting in another amazing place in Italy. It's the perfect balance between comfort, pleasure and nature that glamping enthusiasts are looking for.

Vaillaggio La Pescaccia offers many additional luxuries. Outdoor pools, jacuzzi area, heated water. Can you ask for more? Why not. A bar with an elegant, modern interior offering excellent drinks accompanied by local cuisine in the bosom of nature.


Those who like active rest can have great fun at sports classes or tennis courts, and for dessert, walks in the beautiful areas of Italian Calabria.

Camping Village Santapomata – Castiglione della Pescaia, Tuscany


Among the Italian glamping sites, there are tents on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Tuscan town of Castiglione della Pescaia.

These elegant tents are located close to the sea and a private beach with sun loungers. They are comfortably equipped, for families or small ones for couples.

Unfortunately, the latter does not have a toilet or shower, but this is not a problem, you can use the shared toilets at the campsite. The larger Lodge tent is equipped with a bathroom with a shower and washbasin, and a comfortable living room with a kitchenette. You can spend warm days on the terrace surrounded by nature.

Valicella Glamping Resort - Tuscany


A beautiful place that offers a whole range of attractions. This resort offers tents where you can experience true luxury worthy of several star hotels. Situated in the shade of olive groves, the place provides unforgettable moments.


Such cottages with a swimming pool nearby, a restaurant and active activities such as tennis or football are a real glam holiday without leaving the resort.

However, Tuscany has prepared unforgettable memories for interesting surroundings.

Fornella Camping & Wellness Family Resort – San Felice del Benaco, Lombardy


Italy, Lombardy, Lake Garda and the nearby olive grove. This place is created by a family and ensures that glamping guests are pampered not only by mother nature. Beautiful tents with a bedroom, a kitchenette, a bathroom with a shower and a beautiful terrace are waiting for new camping enthusiasts in a luxurious version.

In addition to luxurious tents, the campsite also offers many attractions. The cafe, fast food bar, grocery store and pizzeria tempt with Italian aromas, and the spa zone will soothe stress and allow you to relax. Such holidays are truly exclusive outdoor recreation.

Torre Rinalda Camping Village – Lecce, Puglia


The south of Italy and Lecce were considered one of the most beautiful cities in Puglia. A place with attractive monuments of Baroque architecture. This is where you should look for glamping on the coast of the crystalline Salento Sea. Exclusive tents are located only a dozen or so kilometers from this city, and they are in close contact with nature, which is undoubtedly a huge attraction of this place. Guests of these unique cottages can enjoy all the campsite's attractions. You can rent, among others, a 32 m2 tent with rooms for the whole family , a living room and an equipped kitchen and bathroom.

Such a holiday by the sea will certainly be made more attractive by Italian cuisine with food that will delight even the most demanding palates.

Shauri Glamping - Noto, Sicily


Although this glamping site is last on our list today, it is certainly not worse than the previous ones. In Sicily , which attracts many tourists and lovers of Italian culture, beautiful tents are located in a rather unusual setting. Why in an unusual way? Because they are not located at a campsite, they are not located by the sea or a lake. They are situated on a hill near the town of Noto , famous for its flower festival. Next to the tents, a small wooden building with a bathroom was built.

You can fall in love with glamping . Once you experience the perfect combination of luxury and the beauty of nature, you will miss it immediately after leaving the fairy-tale tent.

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