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South Tyrol is another name for the Province of Bolzano, with the status of an autonomous province, with the right to two official languages, Italian and German, equal to each other and taught in schools. This dualism is visible, for example, in in architecture, culture or in the kitchen. The provincial capital, Bolzano, is much more Austrian than Italian.

Due to the large tourist traffic and high level of agricultural development, South Tyrol is one of the richest areas in Italy. Together with the other province, Trento, it forms the great region of Trentino-South Tyrol.

South Tyrol's attractions

The identity of the provincial capital has been debated for years, and even today discussions continue. Who does not associate the controversy surrounding the "Ice Man" (Ötzi), found several dozen meters from the Austrian border? He found his place at the Bolzano Archaeological Museum, although many would see him in a neighboring country. The city is surrounded on all sides by the green hills of the Dolomites, the cobbled streets are very clean, and the houses are chic and elegant. When visiting the surroundings of Bolzano, it is worth seeing the Mareccio castle, where the annual wine festival takes place, and Runkelstein, a castle known for its frescoes, among others. about the history of Tristan and Isolde. The province is home to the famous Alpine spa, Merano , visited by visitors from all over the world. Another interesting place is Brixen , the oldest town in Tyrol, with a baroque cathedral and an adjoining courtyard with frescoes (the Bible for the poor). Tourists who visit religious monuments during their holidays in Trentino Alto Adige should go to San Candido. There is a monastery there, which is the only surviving Romanesque building in the region. The attraction of the village is the International Snow Festival San Candido.


Toblach - more German than Italian

During a holiday in northern Italy , we will find many cities where it is easier to communicate in German than in Italian. One of them is Toblach , where German is the mother tongue of over 86% of the inhabitants. The city, known as the "gateway to the Dolomites", is the Tyrolean center of cross-country skiing (200 km of slopes) and the cultural center of Alta Pusteria. To this day, it has retained its traditional mountain character, thanks to which the visitors' eyes are delighted with the attractive buildings, including the historic market square. Toblach is located between two nature parks at the foot of the Höhlensteintal . Her beauty inspired one of the greatest symphonists in the history of music, Gustav Mahler. The heart of the valley is Toblacher See, a lake reflecting the surrounding green hills. The region does not go silent at any time of the year. In winter, apart from skiing, you can go snowshoe trails, climb climbing routes and toboggan runs. The latter are an attraction not only for children. A family holiday in Alta Pusteria means long journeys day and night. There is no exaggeration in this statement - the best fun on the 5-kilometer Croda Rossa track is sledging after sunset, with a head lamp illuminating the road.

Camping in Toblach

The search for an accommodation in South Tyrol will end quickly, especially when the goals are beautiful views, peace and quiet, good cuisine and even better service. The 4-star Camping Olympia is located in Toblach. It is run by a family, and the history of its creation dates back to the 1950s. It all started with an ordinary camping, and with time it turned into an absolutely unique place. It is "a house far from home", an oasis in which we can find solace.


Olympia will meet the expectations of every guest - also those who want to combine the closeness of nature with relaxation in luxury (glamping). Children who have a chance to meet the inhabitants of the mini zoo will be especially delighted with their stay. In winter, they can go tobogganing, and in summer, they can have fun with live music and spend time with their parents at the grill. Among the many amenities at the campsite, you will find a wide range of spa and wellness services, including massages, herbal baths, Turkish bath, steam bath, infrared cabin and a solarium. There are also swimming pools - on cooler days, you can use the heated one (water temperature is 28 ° C). Every step at the campsite you will encounter eye-catching elements of landscape architecture (ponds, rockeries). Not to mention the typical Italian campsites, you can see the diligence and precision of the facilities straight from Austria.

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