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Slovenia is one of the least known and still relatively rarely visited Alpine countries. It is small, even intimate, and from its capital - Ljubljana - you can get to the other end of the country in just a few hours. Holidays in Slovenia are, above all, an encounter with unbridled mountain nature and ancient history, firmly rooted to this day in the local tradition. The first thing that catches your eye after landing or arriving in Ljubljana is the surprising contrast between history and modernity at almost every step. The streets of the old town that run in all directions are lined with modern buildings - no wonder, despite the rich history dating back several thousand years, Slovenia is today a rapidly developing European country. So, if we are planning to spend our next vacation in Slovenia, it is worth visiting places that will allow us to touch both the fascinating culture of this country and come face to face with wild nature.

Visiting Slovenia

One of the most interesting cities in Slovenia is undoubtedly Ljubljana - the capital of this country. Squeezed next to each other, medieval houses and streets converge in the heart of the city - at the Mstni market . It is worth sitting here for a moment, so that you can soak up the atmosphere of the old centuries, before we go to the Castle , from whose walls there is a wonderful view of the city and the surrounding hills. At the end of the day, you can walk along the river Ljubljanica, on whose banks the capital of the country was founded.


The famous bridges - "Triple Bridge" and "Dragon Bridge" , which are the showcase of the city, will certainly be an interesting point for lovers of history and architecture. Time to get to know the rest of the country - we have a trip to Triglav National Park , one of the most beautiful in Europe. The park covers more than 880 km2 of wonderful alpine landscapes. Numerous trails allow you to traverse the valleys and climb bare peaks. The whole area is dominated by one of them - Triglav , a mountain with "three heads", which is the highest peak of the entire Julian Alps range. After such an active rest, it is worth taking a moment to rest - the shores of Lake Bled , one of the most charming places in Slovenia, are the perfect place for this. The lake's surface reflects the mighty alpine peaks, and in its center there is a small island, where we can find one of the most important churches in Slovenia - the beautiful Baroque Church of the Ascension . In order to be able to fully appreciate the charm of this place, it is necessary to go to some trouble and conquer the walls of the Bled Castle , majestically situated on the high shore of the lake.

Campsites in Slovenia


Contrary to popular opinion, to find the right accommodation in Slovenia you have to do some research. The wide range of hotels and hostels is not always worth the price, what's more - most of the places are located right on the main, extremely noisy streets. That is why it is worth considering the possibility of using the offer of a camping network, which is more and more often chosen by tourists who appreciate the comfort and peace of mind from year to year. Camps in Slovenia are in no way different from those in Western Europe - they are characterized by an excellent level of service and a wide range of amenities. Camping Bled is extremely popular - and for good reason! The camping is surrounded by trees providing shade, ensuring that even in the middle of summer we will not be disturbed by the heat. Active people can rent mountain bikes on site so that they can explore the area on their own. Families planning a holiday in Slovenia with young children will surely appreciate the entertainment program, full of games and activities, prepared especially for the youngest travelers.

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