Lake Bled - the pearl of the Julian Alps

Lake Bled - the pearl of the Julian Alps – main image

A treasure hidden among the mountains

This story may start like a fairy tale - behind the mountains, behind the forests, there is an emerald lake. They are surrounded by picturesque mountains, and numerous beaches tempt with views of water lily flowers floating on the waves. This mysterious place is located in the middle of the Julian Alps and is one of the most famous spa towns in Slovenia. Its name is Bled (Blejsko jezero) and with its waters with temperatures reaching 23 degrees Celsius, it is an extremely popular resort among Europeans.

The lake is located approx. 55 km from Ljubljana (taking the A2 motorway), relatively close to the Austrian border. It was established as a health resort in the 19th century, when the first spa baths were built on the shore. From the very beginning , Lake Bled and its beautiful surroundings were visited by rich Europeans. The Yugoslav royal family, as well as Marshal Tito, used to rest here in summer - now his residence houses the five-star Villa Bled hotel. To this day, the resort is considered the most exclusive resort in the Slovenian Alps.

Lake Bled - the perfect place for a vacation

Tourists hungry for luxury can take advantage of the offer of one of the several local hotels. Behind their walls there are thermal pools and Turkish baths, where you can indulge in relaxing and regenerating massages. The lake itself, on the other hand, offers ideal opportunities for relaxation. The beauty of the area encourages long hikes (it takes about 2 hours to bypass the reservoir), and those who prefer to spend their time more actively have a lot to show off. There are boat and kayak rentals at numerous beaches, while in a separate part of the lake you can freely swim among the water lilies.

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Although the main attraction of the resort is the lake and related entertainment, there were also offers for lovers of treading hard on the ground. Four tennis courts and a golf course (open from April to October) await vacationers. It is impossible to get bored here.

They are plotting to Blejski Otok

The first thing a person who looks at the lake will notice is a green islet located roughly in the middle of the reservoir. This is called Blejski Otok - a densely wooded patch of land that was not seized by water. There are many legends about the island and its buildings. There is a small solitude here, as well as a small church with a belfry and a rectory. The belfry dates from the 16th century and is very popular among tourists visiting the island. Apparently, it fulfills the wishes - all you have to do is say them in your mind and pull the rope. In the old days of paganism, on the island there was a Slavic temple in honor of the goddess named Živa, the patroness of love. After adopting Christianity, the building was named after Mary. Later, another chapel was built, and a sculpture of Mary Magdalene was erected in front of the church.

You can get to the island in several ways: with a rented boat or canoe, with your own muscles (option for swimmers) and with the pletny, a special boat, many of which moor at the shore. They swing on the water like gondolas in Venice, and they are distinguished from their Italian counterparts by the fact that the boat driver uses not one, but two oars. Today, pletna is a symbol of Bled, often found on postcards. The trip to the island costs a dozen or so euros, and the stops last a quarter of an hour.

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Blejski Grad - a castle on the rock

The eyes of tourists visiting the lake are also attracted by the dignified medieval Blejski Grad castle, rising over 100 meters above the water surface, on a steep rock. The majestic building is surrounded by moats, ramparts and viewing terraces. The castle is the destination of numerous excursions - it is eagerly visited not only by lovers of monuments, but also mountain hiking enthusiasts. After seeing a collection of Old Slavic jewelry, armor and old weapons, many tourists extend their trip, heading for the difficult trail to Slovenia's highest peak, Triglav. This is a variant where you should expect to spend about 2 days in the mountains and stay overnight in one of the shelters.

Another option is the route to the Vintgar Gorge , located approximately 4.5 km from Bled. The gorge is very attractive for tourists - it is crossed by numerous streams, and a large number of picturesque waterfalls add to its charm. Vacationers who wish to get even closer to nature should also consider the neighboring lake called Bohinj. It is as beautiful as Bled, and devoid of crowds. For motorized tourists (the distance from both reservoirs is 30 km) the trip will be an unforgettable experience

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Where to stay

As already mentioned, there are several hotels by the lake, where you can not only stay overnight, but also take advantage of the wide range of treatments. For those who prefer to stay at the campsite, there are also many interesting options, although sometimes a bit distant from Bled. One of them is the 5-star Camping Šobec (Šobčeva 25, Lesce), located 6 km from the lake. The accommodation costs there, depending on the season, 10.90 € -13.80 €, Wi-Fi and hot water are free, while 6.10 € must be paid for access to a washing machine or dryer. The campsite also offers long-term stays - for example, renting a place in August costs 650 €. The price includes a parking space, a stay of 4 people and all administrative fees.

Right next to the lake is Camping Bled (Kidričeva 10C, Bled), where a day's stay costs from 9.40 € to 13.40 €. He also boasts five stars, which is not surprising - there is a golf course, beach volleyball and basketball courts, you can also play table tennis. For children there is a playground, a petting zoo and colorful washbasins in sanitary buildings.

So as you can see, you can spend a wonderful holiday on Lake Bled. In love with mountain landscapes and the beauty of water lilies, they will return here many times.

Lake Bled - the pearl of the Julian Alps – image 1
Lake Bled - the pearl of the Julian Alps – image 2
Lake Bled - the pearl of the Julian Alps – image 3
Lake Bled - the pearl of the Julian Alps – image 4

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