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Heavenly beaches, ever-white mountain peaks, green hills and lavender fields - all of this can be found in one place, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. It is a beautiful area located in south-eastern France, right on the border with Italy. Every year, artists from all over the world come here, looking for inspiration among the towns lying on the hills, lavender fields and rocks burnt by the southern sun. It is also a mecca for tourists heading to the Cote d'Azur, vacationers tempted by sunbathing with a view of the Alps. These are not all the advantages of the region, as just an hour from the sea there is a unique, green place.


The wild beauty of France

Mercantour National Park is considered to be the wildest and most unexplored corner of France. It is a link between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps, and thanks to its beauty it was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001. Until 1979, it was a royal reserve to which hunters came from all sides. Currently , Mercantour National Park is a safe area for many species, including protected ones. In 1992, wolves returned to it, and they can finally feel at ease here. The park is also inhabited by chamois, ermine and marmots. It is a paradise for ornithologists who can observe the life of black grouse, mountain grouse, partridges and vulture. In addition to the rich fauna, the park is distinguished by a variety of plant species, including olive trees and larch forests. It attracts attention with the beauty of the valleys covered with carpets of green and purple lavender - landscapes characteristic of high mountain terrain. The area is covered with over 50% of all plant species found in France and almost 40 genera growing only here. Those who would like to discover not only the monuments, but also nature during their holidays in France , will be delighted with the park. Beautiful glacial lakes, crystal clear rivers and numerous three-thousanders, known as the Maritime Alps, await them. From their peaks, you can perfectly see the resorts of the Cote d'Azur and the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.


Visiting the French Alps

At the foot of Mount Bégo, in the open air, there is the original museum of the Copper and Bronze Age - Vallée des Merveilles . We will see over 40,000 drawings carved on boulders. How did they get there? According to one of the scientific theories, to appease the gods of rain and fertility. To this day, archaeologists have fierce disputes about the importance of this place. Some see it as the cradle of art, others of religion. Countless geometric shapes, bull horns, farm carts, human faces and silhouettes are only a fraction of what was engraved centuries ago on postglacial boulders, and what amazes our contemporaries today. If we decide to go on a guided tour, we will be able to get to know the valley better - we will deviate from official paths with him to look at the drawings of a dancer, tribal chief (or sorcerer), as well as see the bizarre connection of a human torso with zigzag-shaped arms and a man with the head into which the dagger had been stuck.


Camping at Barcelonnette

The landscapes of the French Alps are a scenery created for rest, relaxation and close contact with nature. It is perfect for calming down and taking aside any thoughts about work, duties or stress. Lovers of relaxation in the bosom of nature will find an ideal place for themselves. Camping Rioclar is located on the banks of the Ubaye River, not far from Barcelonnette. It is run by a nice family who warmly welcomes each guest. The campsite is located in the heart of an 8-hectare forest, it is well equipped - it has, among others, heated pool, restaurant and shop and rafting club. We will find accommodation on spacious, shaded plots ensuring privacy. Tourists have at their disposal cottages, caravans and a campsite. The landscapes surrounding the campground delight the eyes - after waking up, we see beautiful mountains, and we can also hear the quiet sound of the water flowing in the stream. The surroundings are beautiful, tempting for long walks and bike rides. Lake Serre Ponçon can be reached within 20 minutes.

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