Francavilla al Mare, meaning small is beautiful

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Can the vacation of a lifetime be spent only in big and noisy resorts? Not at all. A good example of this are small towns in the vicinity of the Italian Pescara. They confirm that small is beautiful and at the same time has a lot to offer.

Abruzzo is not only Pescara, Teramo or Chieti. It is a picturesque part of Italy, attracting tourists both with the number of seaside resorts and winter sports centers. It is a region where olives, vines, potatoes and grains are grown, and from the meadows you can hear cows roaring and sheep bleating. Where anglers like to spend their holidays. Where in the landscape - like a bead in an exquisitely embroidered fabric - this is where a tiny, peaceful village is woven into the landscape, unhurriedly existing among the valleys. Which of them should I write about, which I should devote a few words to? Each one deserves attention, if not stopping during the trip to one of the seaside resorts, then at least slowing down while driving.

Driving through Abruzia

When talking about the attractions of the region, it is worth mentioning the beautiful village of Roccamontepiano , located at the foot of the Majella National Park. It is small, but you can spend a lovely day walking along the streets, from behind which you can see the green horizon of the slopes covered with vegetation - practically from anywhere. There are many houses built of gray stone. The slightly austere colors of the buildings contrast beautifully with the large number of flowers decorating balconies, terraces and gardens.

About 27.5 km from Roccamontepiano is Francavilla al Mare . In the vicinity of Chieti and Pescara, it attracts tourists with an ideal location. It is beautiful here - after all, we are talking about a seaside resort - moreover, it is even easier to get to the attractions of the region from here than from Roccamontepiano. There is a train station here, and motorists can move between the main towns on the A14 motorway. Getting to the most beautiful places in the Parco Nazionale della Majella will not be a problem for anyone.

T is for Pescara

About 9.3 km separates Francavilla al Mare from the region's most populous city, Pescara . Seen from a bird's eye view, it is T-shaped, thanks to its location on a sandy, flat coast stretching north and south of the Pescara River. In the past, a pine forest grew here, today its place has been taken over by urban buildings. A remnant of the old green times is the Natural Reserve. st. Philomena and the forest of D'Avalos.

Ortona is 13 km from Francavilla al Mare. One of the biggest advantages of the resort is a total of 20 km of coast of exceptional beauty - apart from beaches, we also find here cliffs, coves and capes. An interesting place are the ruins of a great castle, which we will get by climbing a series of stairs. Boredom does not threaten the town itself. On the one hand, you can admire the views of the coast, and on the other - the panorama of the mountains.

Ortona is well known to adult film lovers. This is where Rocco Siffredi, the most famous Italian actor in industry productions, comes from.

Camping at Francavilla al Mare

Camping Paola is waiting for tourists who want to get to know the local sights better. It offers shaded pitches with great sea views, a bar, pizzeria and a games room. Campsite guests can easily reach the trendy clubs and museums of both Chieti and Pescara, and enjoy the sunny beach or a variety of water entertainment.

As you can see, a holiday in this part of the coast does not have to equal a stay in a large and crowded resort. You can have fun - and most of all relax - in one of the smaller towns, one of which is more beautiful than the other. It is worth remembering that the beach in Francavilla al Mare is the oldest in the region. It was opened in 1873, thus beginning an extremely important stage in the history of Abruzzo.

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