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The charming resort of Albenga, nicknamed the city of a hundred towers, is located in the Italian region of Liguria. Once a Roman port, today it is a seaside beach popular with families with children. It tempts with an ancient old town and delicious cuisine.

Albenga is a small town in the northern Italian province of Savona. As a famous bathing resort of the Italian Riviera, it enjoys considerable interest among tourists from various countries, not only from Europe. In antiquity, it was a Roman port - unfortunately, few traces of its former glory have survived to this day.

Once it was called the city of a hundred towers, today visitors can see only a few. Among the few Romanesque buildings that have survived to modern times, three towers standing near the Cathedral of San Michele deserve special attention. They come from the 13th century. A valuable monument in Albenga is also the baptistery from the 5th century, attracting tourists with its unique mosaic hidden inside.

Walk through the streets of Albenga

As mentioned above, Albenga was a port for the Romans in the past. This port has not survived to this day, but it was not blown away by history, but by nature - the mouth of the river covered it with a thick layer of silt. Today, the greatest asset of the Italian resort is the picturesque boulevard, numerous restaurants serving local cuisine, as well as streets with many shops and boutiques.

Every tourist should get acquainted with the heart of the town, which is Piazza San Michele , with the main monuments of the old part of the resort, i.e. the cathedral and the baptistery built on a ten-sided plan. Right behind the building is the Archbishop's Palace, which houses the Diocesan Museum (Museo Diocesano). It is worth visiting them and seeing fragments of frescoes in the clergy's bedroom and in the chapel.

The old town is surrounded by ramparts, and on both sides of it there are two parallel boulevards: Viale Martiri della Libertà and Viale dei Mille. A walk along them will lead us to the train station located approximately 800 meters away.

Attractions of the area

Tourists who visit the town should definitely go to the Toirano caves . It is a huge attraction of the area, and it is only about 11 km from Albenga. Their interiors will be pleasantly cool in the summer, and the eyes of visitors will be attracted by fancy rock forms, stalactites and stalagmites, infiltrations and fungus-like growths on the walls. The associations with the dwarves' caves straight from Tolkien's novels are most appropriate.

After returning from the underground tour, you can relax during the blissful lounging on the beach or leisurely walks through the resort's streets.

Where to stay

Those who intend to visit the town can consider camping. Camping Bella Vista with an area of 9 ha is waiting for guests until November 15. It is ideal for families with children as it guarantees peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings. In summer, you can take advantage of a wide range of attractions - they are organized for both children and adults. The campsite's facilities include a swimming pool with sun loungers, a playground and an intimate bar. Depending on the season, a day of stay costs from 5 to 9 euro, and for a motorhome pitch we will pay from 7 to 13 euro / day.

If someone is going to visit these areas, he can plan a longer stay on the Ligurian coast. Nearby attractions include the water park "Parco Acquatico le Caravelle" (located approx. 6 km from Albenga), the charming Finale Ligure, Borgio Verezzi grottoes and the beautiful beaches of Loano and Varigotti. No one is bored here.

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