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Upper Austria is the federal state with the capital of Linz. It borders with Bavaria, South Bohemia, and in Austria itself with Lower Austria, Styria and Salzburg. Upper Austria is not only known for tourism - it is also Austria's leading industrial region.

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Flora under protection

Upper Austria has a rich flora. In order to preserve the natural habitats, numerous nature reserves have been created here. For hikers, there are pleasant hiking trails leading through the most picturesque areas.

Culture and monuments

Holidays in Upper Austria provide an experience for both those who like to spend time in nature and those who are focused on active sightseeing. There is a strong emphasis on culture in the region. The largest international festival of digital art, Ars Electronica, takes place in the capital of the region every year, the Musical Theater in Linz and numerous city theaters (Wels, Grein and Bad Hall) are thriving. The musical tradition of brass bands is noteworthy, there are also numerous music groups that cultivate the traditional folk music of the region. When going camping in Upper Austria, it is worth following the calendar of cultural events in the area so that you can immerse yourself in the local folklore. Upper Austria has numerous monasteries that were formerly cultural centers. The most famous are the abbeys of Sankt Florian, Wilhering and Kremsmünster. It is also worth seeing the largest church in Austria – the neo-Gothic New Cathedral in Linz. In addition, the region abounds in numerous castles and palaces, the most famous of which is Linz Castle with a history dating back to 799, and Clam Castle, built in 1149. Important industrial monuments are the Art Nouveau Steyrdurchbruch power station, the Jochenstein power station built on the Danube and the Linz tobacco factory. 

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