ATC system from AL-KO - automatic trailer steering

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The main task of the new, electromechanical AL-KO Trailer Control ATC system is to control and improve driving conditions, as a rather heavy set consisting of a car and a caravan or cargo trailer. ATC is fairly simple, yet ingenious, as it constantly monitors the stability of your vehicle, preventing it from shedding or snaking.

Why Use ATC?

The system constantly monitors the driving conditions of the trailer on the road. When it detects increasing transverse oscillations of the trailer, it gently brakes the combination you are driving. You may have to deal with quite dangerous situations on the road when the trailer comes into contact with strong wind that causes swaying or wet road surface, when it is not difficult to tilt a massive trailer. You may have to deal with similarly undesirable reactions of the vehicle when passing an obstacle. The automatic anti-skid system ATC registers any undesirable, and at the same time incorrect tilting of the trailer, preventing it from throwing. It starts immediately and gently brakes the guided set - taking care of your and other road users' safety.

The principle of operation of ATC

ATC is equipped with a system of sensors that control the position and movement of the trailer while driving, and if necessary, generate a signal informing about the stability at a given moment. Al-KO ATC is a non-skid emergency safety system that connects to the car with normal 12S and 12N connection cables. The ATC is connected to the junction box in the trailer and takes direct current from the plus of the 13-pin plug while driving. When the system is "connected", AL-KO ATC automatically starts the "pre-start" test. When this test is complete you will notice that the LED lights on the overrun device turn from red to green. This tells you that the trailer monitoring system is "ready to travel".


The complete ATC sensor system, electronic control and electric motor for brake actuation are housed in a compact housing, which can be installed at the rear of the axle with a relatively small effort, connected to the brakes and the trailer's electrical circuit - a power source (13-pin plug).

After plugging the plug into the car's socket, the ATC system performs an automatic test: it applies the brakes once, checks the sensors and checks the system operation. Additionally, a diode mounted on the overrun device shows that the system is ready. On the other hand, a wireless ATC-Display can be installed in the car's cabin, which monitors the operation of the system.

Advantages of the ATC system

ATC is an emergency control system and it becomes active automatically when the vehicle-trailer combination is in a critical situation, that is, when the trailer's oscillation reaches a dangerous level. While sitting in the car, you will feel its action as a gentle braking of the set. It is worth emphasizing here that the braking operation takes only a few seconds. This time is enough to restore control and bring the car and trailer back to a safe driving condition. ATC is irreplaceable when you encounter unevenness or you are dealing with difficult driving conditions related to wet road surface - summing up, it will be perfect for all conditions and in all road situations. AL-KO ATC prevents the trailer from throwing up ATC, the stabilization system AL-KO can be additionally used with the ESP system of the trailer, which is offered by some car dealers.

Currently, the ATC system is installed as standard in almost all new trailers. Remember, however, that it can be mounted on trailers used with the AL-KO chassis.

Thanks to AL-KO Trailer Control ATC, you will be able to drive your caravan or caravan in a stable and safe manner. The automatic trailer steering system will allow you to fully control and maintain the correct direction of travel. In the meantime, join us and AL-KO in the right direction now - the direction to the awards. We are starting a competition in which to win, among others GTE 350 Classic trimmer with adjustable handle and double line from AL-KO. Interested?

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